Loving a room on Pinterest and need a hand paint matching? This tool will help...

Thanks Valspar for saving us a whole lot of frantic searching for the exact paint colour you've spotted on Pinterest! Now you have a paint matching tool available to help you recreate the look...

Valspar paint
(Image credit: Valspar)

Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest and seen a pin that contains the perfect paint colour you've been looking for? Maybe it's the exact terracotta orange? The dream blush pink? Or the perfect muted sage green? You then proceed to spend hours trawling the internet, paint matching every pot of paint you can, ordering all the colour samples, drowning in paint swatches, and still nothing seems to be quite right...

Yer, we've all been there, we have more sample paint pots than we would care to admit, but now Valspar have created a tool that means you can find pretty much the exact colour you have fallen for, straight away...

Valspar paint

(Image credit: Valspar)

So how does this magic new tool work? Well it's pretty simple, just head to the Valspar Pinterest Colour Analyser and then select the board or pin you want to colour match. Then, Valspar will turn your pin into a pallet of colours for you to pick from.  Valspar have 2000 pre-made colours so the chances of them finding one to match your dream hue are pretty high. 

Obviously, whenever choosing paint we do still recommend you take a look at the colour chips before buying, so head down to B&Q to take a look at the colour you have been matched with in real life, just to be sure you love it (this really is like some kind of dating app but for paint isn't it?) 

You can also take the Pinterest pin (or any sample of the colour you love for that matter) into store and B&Q will match it for you and mix a completely new paint there and then. If you do decide to create a new colour, you get to name it too! 

We are thinking we might spend the rest of our afternoon colour matching all the gorgeous pins over on the Real Homes Pinterest... we will call it research.  

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