Lewis & Wood launches Voysey Arts and Crafts fabrics and wallpapers

Featuring archive drawings that have been painstakingly updated with more detail and a beautiful colour palette, the new Voysey Collection offers a fresh take on traditional Arts and Crafts prints

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Since the Arts and Crafts heyday of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the movement's quintessential natural motifs have never been more popular than they are today. To meet the demand, heritage print designer Lewis & Wood has launched a new collection of fabrics and wallpapers based on drawings by C.F.A Voysey, one of the Arts and Crafts era's most prominent figures.

Better remembered as a pioneer of modern architecture, Voysey was also a prolific designer of furniture, wallpaper and fabrics. One of his biggest clients, Sanderson, commissioned him to design its ground-breaking Chiswick wallpaper factory, now named Voysey House in his honour.

The stunning new Voysey Collection features four of his drawings, selected from the V&A archive by Lewis & Wood's creative director Magdalen Jebb. Using high-resolution photography, she was able to reproduce every brushstroke and pencil line in his drawings. 

'I have always admired Voysey's architectural work and had been familiar with his popular prints, but through our collaboration with the V&A, I found drawings I'd never seen before,'  says Magdalen. 'Their charm and freshness was a surprise – and so appealing it felt important to bring them back to life.'

The resulting collection of fabrics and wallpapers (featured below) have brought Voysey's intricate work up to date with new technology and a fresh palette. 

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Lewis & Wood Vineheart linen in Acanthus from the Voysey collection

Vineheart is taken from one of Voysey’s earliest drawings. Lewis & Wood decided to reverse the original colouring and put in a texture to make more of the background. The linen fabric costs £96.42 per m

(Image: © Lewis & Wood)

Lewis & Wood Berry Brothers wallpaper in Cola from the Voysey collection

This Voysey design from 1909 never had an original title, so due to its prominent bunch of grapes and pair of brotherly birds Lewis & Wood decided to name it Berry Brothers after the famous wine merchants. Shown in the Cola colourway, the wide width wallpaper costs £65.52 per roll

(Image: © Lewis & Wood)

Lewis & Wood Voysey Berry Brothers fabric in Tequila

Berry Brothers also works beautifully in linen in the Tequlia colourway, £96.42 per m

(Image: © Lewis & Wood)

Lewis & Wood Voysey Park wallpaper in Verdure

Originally named Ballad Tapestry, this Voysey Park design has been updated with one of the deer turned into a unicorn. Shown in Verdure, the wide width wallpaper is priced £65.52 per roll

(Image: © Lewis & Wood)

Lewis & Wood Bella wallpaper in Sugar Almond from the Voysey collection

Originally named Fool’s Parsley, this was one of co-founder Stephen Lewis’ first printing commissions for John Oliver. With its striking Arts & Crafts feel, Lewis & Wood decided to revive it as part of the Voysey collection with a greater emphasis on the blossom. Named Bella after Stephen’s childhood budgie, the wide width wallpaper, shown in Sugar Almond, costs £65.52 per roll

(Image: © Lewis & Wood)

Cushions made up in Lewis & Wood's Voysey collection of fabrics

Cushions made up in (from left): Berry Brothers in Pippin and Sherbert, and Vineheart in Acanthus

(Image: © Lewis & Wood)