These last-minute Le creuset gifts are all under £100 – and they're so pretty

These Le Creuset gifts under £100 will suit anyone and look gorgeous

Le Creuset gifts under £10
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Le Creuset is one of our all-time favourite brands for Christmas gifting: everything is beautiful – and beautifully made – and very useful, so it's very unlikely that if you gift something from Le Creuset, it'll end up gathering dust in their kitchen. It is also true that Le Creuset aren't cheap, and getting one of their more expensive casserole dishes isn't always practical. However, Le Creuset make plenty of lovely things for under £100 – in fact, most of our top picks here are around £50, thanks to Le Creuset sales on right now, so you can get more than one thing (they can all be mixed and matched).

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1. The classic rectangular oven dish

Le Creuset Stoneware Large Heritage Rectangular Dish

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Le Creuset Stoneware Large Heritage Rectangular Dish | £40.99 at Wayfair

There is literally no one you can't gift this to: even if they're not that into cooking, they'll almost certainly end up using the classic baking dish from Le Creuset because it's so versatile. Whether it's a pasta bake, a fish pie, or a Sunday roast, there are so many different ways to use this kitchen staple – and it's dishwasher safe, which means no scrubbing needed afterwards, And at the price it's currently at Wayfair, it's a steal. 

2. The famous ceramic cafetiere 

Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetiere and mugs

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Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetiere with Metal Press | £57 £50.99 at Wayfair

The Le Creuset cafetiere is probably the most gift-worthy French press out there. It just looks so good, and there are quite a few colours to choose from. It also keeps coffee warmer than glass cafetieres and is very easy to clean. Also, if you throw in a couple of Le Creuset mugs with the press, you have a complete morning coffee set, which works great as a gift. 

3. A teapot – if they don't like coffee

Le Creuset Stoneware Grand Teapot 1.3L

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Le Creuset Stoneware Grand Teapot 1.3L | £45.99 at Wayfair

They don't drink coffee? No problem – Le Creuset make a very nice teapot. We really like the shape of this one: not too round, not too square, contemporary but still cosy. The easy-grip handle remains cold to the touch, and the teapot, amazingly, is dishwasher safe. As always, the vibrant colours of offer are irresistible (we're partial to the Marseille Blue). 

4. Or a stovetop kettle with whistle

Le Creuset Traditional Stove-Top Kettle with Whistle | £95 £69.30 at Amazon 

There's something so homely and delightful about traditional stovetop kettles; they may not be as quick at boiling water as electric ones, but the sound of a kettle whistling when it's ready is worth the wait. And this one from Le Creuset is so well-proportioned, with a wide base that ensures even heat distribution, to say nothing of the beautiful shiny finish. The handle stays cool, too, so they'll never burn themselves when lifting it off the hob. 

5. The salt and pepper shakers

Le Creuset Classic Salt & Pepper Mill Set

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Le Creuset Classic Salt & Pepper Mill Set | £45 at Amazon

These colourful salt and pepper shakers have a nice weight to them, and they'll instantly add a smart touch to any kitchen table. These are a perfect Christmas gift, in our opinion, because, let's face it: they're quite pricy for shakers, so your gift recipient is unlikely to buy them for themselves, but we bet they'll be delighted to receive them for Christmas. 

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