Kirstie Allsopp says no to grey rooms and wants a wife. Again, discuss

It's our favourite living room colour and we're not sure how to take her 'wife' comments...

Grey living room by Nest
(Image credit: Nest)

Woah, we are going to try and not take this too personally, but Kirstie Allsopp just bashed our favourite room colour! What did grey ever do to you, hey Kirstie? We'd like to refer her to our favourite design gallery: gorgeous grey living room ideas, and all its loveliness.

In a recent interview with The Metro, Kirstie revealed that she has 'beef' with our beloved grey and you know the worst part? Her defence made some sense. Kirstie told the Metro that 'We live in a dark, northern country. So do we want to paint our rooms in a colour that bounces as much light around as possible, or in the colour of an overcast cloud? We are supposed to be trying to use less electricity, not more!' 

Don't worry, we aren't saying you should never turn to grey again – we're definitely not ready for that – and we have always said that some tones work better in rooms with lots of natural light than in those that are light-starved. Plus, we think we've fought a good case for matching grey with contrasting shades to add warmth. And grey? It's so elegant and sophisticated, so easy to change up a scheme around.

But Kirstie's got a point, it's hardly the most uplifting of colours, and we complain so much about the grey weather we get, so why are we trying to replicate that in our homes? Discuss.

Grey hallway by Neptune (light fitting)

(Image credit: Neptune)

As well as her hatred of grey, Kirstie also went into the slightly more serious topic of gender imbalance when it comes to chores and the home-based work load. When talking about the team behind her 'supermum' appearance she compared herself to Phil Spencer (her regular co-presenter) and stated 'Phil has the best team member of all – called a wife. I want to get me one of those! I’ve been watching Gentleman Jack and she’s on the hunt for a wife. She’s got the right idea – everybody needs one!' 

Obviously the comment was very tongue in cheek but it does allude to the fact that women still do the majority of household chores. Only last week, a study revealed 85 per cent of women claimed to be solely responsible for delegating household chores and clearly proved that when it comes household tasks there is a huge gender imbalance. However, and sorry Kirstie, we'd prefer a change in language: rather than wishing she had a wife, we wish she'd wished for a husband who did a bit more around the house...

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