Kirstie Allsopp says having a washing machine in a kitchen is 'disgusting'. Discuss

Turns out where you keep your washing machine is somewhat controversial (who knew?)

utility room with blush pink scheme and wooden sideboards and washing machine by AO
(Image credit: AO)

In news more pressing than anything we've covered of late, Kirstie Allsopp has revealed – somewhat controversially – that the washing machine does not belong in the kitchen. Mind. Blown.

So, 'where does it belong?' we hear you ask. Well, according to Allsopp (and a large percentage of Twitter followers), in the bathroom or a separate utility room, as is common throughout America and much of the rest of Europe. 

In fact, so divisive is this issue that Allsopp went as far as to describe keeping a washing machine in the kitchen as 'disgusting,' as seen in her post below.

But what are our thoughts on the matter? Well, we'd like to think we're a little more in touch with the realities of the average home. After all, having space in the bathroom to store your washing machine – or for a separate utility room – is a privilege that not many of us enjoy. 

That said, the washing machines we've come across in holiday-let bathrooms that purpose-built for the appliance seem pretty well placed. A chance for new build designers to rethink where this vital home appliance goes?

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Emily Shaw

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