Stay toasty with these Aldi winter essentials

These Aldi winter essentials are all you need to warm up and get rid of those January blues

Aldi winter essentials
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi winter essentials promise the perfect antidote to those January blues. And with just a few days until Blue Monday, it's very good timing! You're back at work and the kids are back at school... the house is no longer filled with family, food and fairy lights. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't come home to the cosiness that you deserve! 

Aldi's winter essentials collection includes everything you need this winter to start and finish your day right. Yep, we're talking about everything from Vitamin C gummies to fight off that taunting cold, to winter screen wash to stop your car window from freezing up, collecting dust, insects or pesky smears. Then, when you head home in the evening you'll be greeted by a super soft throw and a toasty radiator. Post-Christmas winter just started to sound pretty good, didn't it? And all for a crazy low price (as per usual). Thanks Aldi!

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1. Convector Heater with Remote, £39.99

Convector heater with remote

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Now you can keep warm without even leaving the comfort of your sofa (or office desk) thanks to this convector heater that comes with a remote control and a 24 hour timer – fancy. Sit back and relax; you can decide on one of three heat settings using your digital LCD remote control. 

Convector Heater with Remote, £39.99

2. Workzone Stove Fan, £15.99

Stove Fan

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This is an eco-friendly (and pocket-friendly) solution for your kitchen stove. It has an optimal working temperature of 205°C-345°C (230-650F) and automatically starts and runs faster, as the temperature increases. What's more, it's silent when it operates, so you can say goodbye to that annoying fan noise (pet peeve alert). This maximises the efficiency of your stove so the room will be warmer, and you'll use less fuel... oh, and there won't be any additional running costs either!

Workzone Stove Fan, £15.99

3. Easy Home Mini Oil Filled Radiator, £14.99

Easy Home Convector Heater

(Image credit: Aldi)

This is ideal for a spare room, or uni room, because it provides a lil' more heat but asks for minimal assembly and comes at a budget price too. What's more, it's portable – thanks to the large handle – and easy to clean. This radiator may be mini but it packs a punch, offering a large heating surface for optimal radiation. Not to worry though, protection is built-in to prevent overheating.

Easy Home Mini Oil Filled Radiator, £14.99

4. Kirkton House Supersoft Throw, £7.99

Aldi winter essentials

(Image credit: Aldi)

You have got to get your hands on one of these gorgeous throws; they are unbelievably soft and we've got a feeling that anyone who happens to brush past one in Aldi come Sunday is going to snatch at least one up... you heard it here first! The neutral colours make this a perfect winter addition to your interiors, and will no doubt last through till spring too, so there's no better excuse for you to snuggle up on the sofa in the evenings than by getting this throw.

Kirkton House Supersoft Throw, £7.99

5. Heated Neck Wrap, £3.99

Heated neck wrap

(Image credit: Aldi)

This heated neck wrap is a dream for anyone who fancies a bit of indulgence from the comfort of their own home. Forget booking that massage, as this is the ultimate self-care product you could need, whether you're experiencing a sore neck or low mood. For £3.99 you will be getting this plush fleece neck wrap which is a pretty good shout. The ceramic beads can be heated in the microwave and to clean it you just wipe the outer cover with a damp cloth. Did we mention it smells of lavender? Aaaah.

Heated Neck Wrap, £3.99

6. Vitamin C Gummies Orange, £2.99

Vitamin C Gummies Orange

(Image credit: Aldi)

You can't put a price on health... but Aldi kind of has and it's just £2.99. Seriously, fight off a cold and take care of yourself without forking out for a spa break. If you're 12 years or over, these fruity tasting vitamin gum drops – healthy though – are a great way to maintain and support your immune system. Please read the label.

Vitamin C Gummies Orange, £2.99

7. Auto Xs Winter Screen Wash, £1.99

Winter Screen Wash

(Image credit: Aldi)

Achieve a bright streak free finish on your car windows for an enjoyable drive into work despite the dreary weather. To stock up on 5 litres of screen wash for just £1.99  is the best way to avoid unnecessary bother as you head back to work. The formula is easy to use and concentrated meaning it removes dirt, grime and insect deposits.

Auto Xs Winter Screen Wash, £1.99

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