Jamie Oliver's secret to making perfectly fluffy, crispy Yorkshire puds? Right here

Spending self-isolation perfecting your cooking skills? Here's how Jamie Oliver makes his Yorkies spot on

Yorkshire puddings
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We've covered the basics of how to make Yorkshire puddings already – you can use our recipe (just click that link <<) – but if you're on a mission to make the ultimate Yorkshire puds, you might want to pay special attention to these tips from Jamie Oliver. 

As you might expect from everyone's favourite chef, Jamie Oliver's vital nuggets of expert know-how are perfect for anyone taking on the Sunday roast. And on closer inspection, his top tips are pretty similar to those used by Grandma's up and down the country. So, if it's a good old fashioned Yorkshire pudding that you're after, success certainly awaits.

Like most other ingredients in a great roast dinner, a good Yorkshire pudding is a treat, and a bad one a terrible disappointment. With these tips your Yorkshires will be light, well risen and fluffy with crisp outsides to boot. The secret to success? You'll have to keep scrolling to find out...

How to make Yorkshire puddings like Jamie Oliver's

Here's what Jamie Oliver's Yorkshire pudding recipe recommends:  

1. Use beef dripping or a flavourless oil. 

2. Have the oven very hot before you put them in the oven (see our recipe for how hot). 

3. Use a flameproof metal container. 

4. Use plain flour rather than self-raising.

5. Sift the flour into a bowl, holding it high as you do so. 

6. Use a whisk to make the batter: an electric hand whisk or balloon whisk are recommended. 

7. Jamie also recommends that you serve your Yorkshire puddings as soon as possible or it'll lose it's crispy crunch. If you took it out too early, put it back into the a hot oven for a minute or two.