Is Ikea reopening soon? Here's what we know... (and what to buy, too)

Ikea reopening has been a day we have all been waiting for, but when is it going to happen?

Ikea reopening
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So, is Ikea reopening anytime soon? Because, obviously, though we have missed our family and friends, we have missed being able to go to the pubs and go out for dinner, man, we have missed a trip to Ikea. So many Sunday mornings over the last few weeks we have woken up and thought, 'today is a day for Ikea, could go for breakfast, kill an afternoon looking around the room sets, maybe get a hot dog at the end'. Oh, wait, no...

But good news! There have been rumours flying around that Ikea is set to re-open soon! The date on everyone's lips seems to be the 18th May, but Ikea themselves are yet to confirm anything official, but no smoke without fire though right? 

It is easy to get excited about our fave interior store reopening, however it's important to note that no reopening date has been announced officially, and obviously the safety of staff and customers come first. Ikea have said they will only reopen stores when it is 100 per cent safe to do so and it is in line with government guidance. 

So how do you get your fix until Ikea reopens? Shop online obviously! We have rounded up our top Ikea products below, plus make sure you check out our Ikea hacks feature too for loads of inspiring ideas!

Ikea outdoor sofa

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Ikea garden furniture
Everyone is keen to get their hands on Ikea garden furniture at the moment and they are still delivering some sets. This very stylish Havsten 3-seater outdoor sofa can be delivered right to your door! And if you are after something for a smaller garden, check out the Tarno bistro set. View Deal

Ikea bedroom with home office

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Ikea desks
Again, something we have all been desperate for over the last few weeks. And if your WFH set up still isn't quite right, Ikea are still delivering some of their home office desks. We think the Nodiska is the perfect choice, it's compact, it's stylish and it has a new lower price of just £99.  View Deal

Ikea hack with side board and rainbow paint

(Image credit: Ikea/Benjamin Edwards)

Ikea picture ledges
We have sung the praises of picture ledges many times before, they are just a great, easy update for any room.  Pop one up and use it to display cute prints, house plants and crockery. They are really affordable too (prices from just £5) and they are available for home delivery!View Deal

Ikea lamp shade

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Ikea lighting
Ikea have just started delivering more of their lovely lighting! Wahoo! We have had our eye on the Torared shade for ages now, and you can have it delivered too. The best bit is because it's just a shade you won't have to wait for lockdown to end to get an electrician in, you can have it up as soon as it arrives.  View Deal

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