Is a bed that allows you to achieve zero gravity the secret to sleep success?

Find out why adjustable beds are making waves in UK homes

The Royal single bed with two motorized adjustments and Cresto Mattress, £4,275, RESTED
(Image credit: Rested)

As new trends go, we never thought adjustable beds would make it on our interiors radar. To be honest, we never gave them much thought at all – beyond care homes and hospitals that is. Now they’re popping up on our news feeds with (almost) the same frequency as the latest paint shades and must-have cushion prints. 

So, what’s all the fuss about? The first thing to get your head around is that beds with adjustable control aimed at the domestic market are not just about reading in bed or watching TV. Of course, they do help with that but the real benefits sound much more exciting. Apparently adjustable beds are all about achieving zero gravity. Yep, you can be Tim Peake, at least while you’re sleeping.

According to RESTED, by precisely elevating your body to align heart and heels, it’s possible to eliminate pressure anywhere on your body and secure the perfect night’s sleep. Once zero gravity has been achieved, your muscles will relax and the blood flow that has been gathering in your feet all day is eased. The zero gravity position is different for everybody, so, as well as bringing Dutch adjustable bed brand Royal Auping to the UK, RESTED now offers smartphone control via Auping Connect. 

Thanks to a specially developed app, you can view a 3D image of your spine on the bed, which shows the lack of support and pressure points that need to be addressed. The app can also be programmed to gently lift you awake at a set time or move you into sleeping position at your preferred bedtime. No more accidentally reading that trashy novel until 3am. Mind: blown. To find out whether an adjustable bed might be for you, pop along to RESTED’s showroom in London (by appointment only). The company is also about to open a second showroom in Birmingham in October this year. 

If you favour British made beds, fine furniture maker Leporello has also just added adjustable functionality to its bed portfolio. All of its bed designs can now be fitted with twin vascal memory foam mattresses and adjustable mattress bases. The four-part motor system allows independent neck, back, leg and foot adjustability at the touch of a button. 

Karelian King Size adjustable bed, from £8,240, Leporello

Karelian King Size adjustable bed, from £8,240, Leporello

(Image credit: Reporello)
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