Expert reveals the rule of two home decor tip you need for your Tinder swiping to pay off

Interiors therapist Suzanne Roynon warns against this home styling mistake if you're looking for love. Swipe right for this

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You could be making a home decor mistake that's preventing the right person from coming into your life, says interiors therapist Suzanne Roynon. Suzanne is the author of Welcome Home: how stuff makes or breaks your relationship. 

She has explained why single images and decorative pieces displayed on their own can stand in the way of the Law of Attraction.

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Try positionining plants and ornaments in couples and arrange them so they can 'talk to' each other

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Rule of two decor tip

'Single images reinforce single status,' says Suzanne. 'Friends send cards and pictures of a woman waving a glass of champagne, solo cats curled up in a chair etc. without realizing it's amplifying the energy of being alone.' 

So, if you're anticipating another lonely Valentine's night, count the single images in your home. She says that as well as displaying decor in pairs, you should choose images and artwork that represent the life you want for yourself and a partner.

Steer clear of empty landscape or still lakes and oceans, Suzanne cautions. Because we're definitely influenced by the artwork we choose to display in our homes – a vibrant painting by an artist we love lifts our spirits just as a painting of a single figure walking through a snowy landscape reinforces a sense of solitude.

artwork arranged in a gallery wall

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Suzanne comments that single women often tend have lots of images denoting loneliness, plus items mentally keeping them stuck in the past. 'They mostly have memories of ex-boyfriends, loads of single images, dresses they've worn on endless first dates, possessions they hate but feel obliged to keep, and things which make them sad. 

'In short, everything which is energetically pushing a decent partner away!' says Suzanne. We think it might be time to find out how to declutter your home once and for all.

artwork arranged in a gallery wall

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Steering clear of lonely artwork and displaying things in pairs instead will make your space feel happier. It also goes without saying that clearing out anything with a strong emotional connection to past relationships is surely going to help when starting a new chapter. 

Read Suzanne's book, Welcome Home: how stuff makes or breaks your relationship, available at Amazon, for more on interiors therapy. If you're doing some clearing out, consider investing in some new storage and organization ideas so you can keep things clutter-free for good rather than undoing the good work.

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