How to use Tik Tok (yes, we are doing this)

Want to learn how to use Tik Tok? Whether it's to entertain your kids or show off your hidden dance moves we have all the know-how to get you started

How to use Tik Tok (yes we are doing this)
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The day has come, it's time to learn how to use Tik Tok. You swore to yourself it would never happen but hey we live in crazy times and we are not judging. Just in case you aren't sure what Tik Tok is, it is a social network on which you can make short videos. These videos usually comprise of some kind of dance that would put your 80s bedroom routines to shame. There's also challenges on there, lip sync videos and just general silliness – something we all need right now.

So if you want to get involved with this new app, whether just to make the kids laugh or show off your moves, we have put together a guide to how to use Tik Tok if you aren't a teen...

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How does one download Tik Tok?

Easy. Just go to the app store on your smartphone or tablet and type in Tik Tok and download it as you would do any other app. Not too tricky hey?

How does one use Tik Tok?

Once you have downloaded it, it's time to start learning how to navigate Tik Tok. If you have any other form of social media this shouldn't be too tricky. As soon as you open Tik Tok you will be asked to choose some interests, this will determine what videos appear on your home screen – it's a bit like the discovery page on Instagram. This will get more tailored to your tastes as you start following and liking videos. You can use the search icon to search for specific videos, users or hashtags. 

So how do you make a Tik Tok? You click the plus button that sits in the middle of the navigation bar and the bottom of the home screen. Then things get... we won't say complicated... creative. You can pick between a 15 second video or a 60 second video, and then use the icons at the side to determine the speed, filters, effects etc. Just have a play around with them so you understand how each icon affects your video. The sounds button at the top of the screen will let you add music and sound clips. You can add more effects and music once you have filmed the video too.

Once you are ready to upload your video press the red button and then next. Then all that's left to do is write a caption and voila. 

What does one do on Tik Tok?

Lip syncs are a big one, and this is actually a really fun way to get the kids involved too. You can pick clips from popular films and tv shows and make your own versions of them. Dances are popular too, again we have been seeing loads of parents doing hilarious videos with their kids. Head to YouTube to find loads of tutorials, even if you have zero experience you'll find an easy routine you can do. It's also a great way to get moving too when you can't get out of the house. 

Is Tik Tok safe for children and teens?

As with all social media apps, you should only let your younger children use them with caution. Tik Tok is really popular amongst young teens at the moment, and while we think it's a hilarious way for your kids to stay entertained and even get exercise, you should monitor how they are using it. You can have access to the usual privacy settings to ensure what your kid is watching and who is watching their videos. If you are concerned, you can just watch Tik Tok videos without having an account so maybe allow your child to watch Tik Toks and 'make their own' for you outside of the app. Or you create an account that you have control of and help them make the videos.

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