How to cook lamb that's crisp on the outside and pink and juicy in the middle

If succulent, sweet lamb is what tickles your tastebuds, get in the know about how to deliver it

Roast lamb
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What better Sunday lunch than roast lamb? You don’t need to do anything fancy with lamb to create a delicious meal for family or friends. But what are the essentials to bring out the flavour of the meat and get the texture you love for the outside, and succulent pink meat inside? We’ve got the skinny.

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Go for a leg of lamb for a classic roast – and a fabulous centrepiece. The rules for cooking it right? Allow 20 minutes in the oven per 450g with 20 minutes on top so the meat’s cooked but still pink in the middle.

1. Cook the lamb at 220°C/200ºC fan oven/gas mark 7 for the first 20 minutes of the time you’ve calculated, then 190°C/170ºC fan oven/gas mark 5 for the rest.

2. Check it’s cooked with a skewer: insert it into the thickest part of the meat and look for juices that are pinky red or slightly pink if medium’s your preference.

3. A meat thermometer is your (more accurate) aid. Look for a temperature of 60°C for medium.

Oh, and don’t forget to rest the meat before you carve.