How to grow strawberries: as shown by Alan Titchmarsh

This advice on how to grow strawberries from Alan Titchmarsh will help you get great results

how to grow strawberries
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Want to learn how to grow strawberries for a good yield come early summer? Although the time for planting some varieties of strawberries has passed, now is a good time to plant alpine varieties: although the fruit will be smaller, it's still deliciously sweet. You just need to know a few tricks to make sure you get a good harvest.

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How to grow strawberries

According to the broadcaster and gardener Alan Titchmarsh, these are the most important tips for growing strawberries successfully:

1. If planting straight into the ground, allow about a foot between your strawberry plants. Make sure the soil is well drained and nutrient rich, so you may need to replace the top layer of your garden soil. 

2. If growing in containers, always go for ones with holes in them: strawberries don't tolerate water logging, and do particularly well if planted in hanging baskets or in containers that are raised, to allow the water to drain freely. 

3. Feed your strawberries after three to four weeks of planting with a liquid fertiliser such as tomato feed. Any potassium-rich feed is good as it encourages more fruit.

Top tip: Strawberries need to be watered regularly, but don't allow them to be soaking wet or stand in water, or they will rot.