How to cook a gammon joint – easily and for tasty results

Here's how to cook gammon for perfect flavour and texture

how to cook gammon
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Want to know how to cook a gammon joint? This classic meat joint isn't just for Christmas, it's simple to prepare and can even be frozen once cooked to prevent waste.

What's the difference between gammon and ham? 

They are both cuts from the hind legs of pig. But gammon is raw and must be cooked, whereas ham is dry-cured or cooked and ready-to-eat. We recommend buying high-welfare/organic pork for the best flavour and quality of what is a very tasty meat. Read on for the best ways to do you gammon justice.

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How to boil gammon

To boil your gammon, simply submerge the gammon join fully in salted water or cider and boil for 20 minutes per half a kilo, plus an additional 20 minutes. Boiling gammon in cider, coke, or even apple juice, will give it more flavour than boiling it in water.  

How to roast a gammon joint

Roasting gammon takes a bit longer, but gives the crispy or glazed finish on the outside that many people enjoy. Simply place the gammon in a baking tray, season, and cover with foil. Roast for 30 minutes per half a kilo, plus an additional 30 minutes. If you want to glaze your ham, do it in the final half hour of roasting: remove the foil and pour over your chosen glaze. Return to the oven. 

Top tip: You can combine boiling and roasting: simply take the gammon out after boiling it for half the time, then roast for the remaining time.