Hotpoint washing machine recall: check whether yours has been added to the list

The Hotpoint washing machine recall saga continues, with three more washing machine models added to the list of unsafe appliances

Hotpoint washing machine recall
(Image credit: Hotpoint)

The Hotpoint washing machine recall is still being rolled out by Whirlpool. So far, they have dealt with approximately 30 per cent of appliances that put their owners at a fire risk, following their announcement just before Christmas that dozens of Hotpoint (and several Indesit) models were unsafe to use. 

A problem with the door mechanism means that the door may overheat and catch fire, with several people having reported melting doors and doors emitting smoke. So, it's worth checking that your machine is definitely safe, rather than taking a risk by continuing to use it.

The recall has only begun properly this month – and now Whirlpool have added three more models to the affected models list – WMAQC641PUK, WMAQG741PUK, and WMFG741GUK, following further tests. 

The addition of three more models to the fire risk list follows a tide of complaints that began in December 2019, when affected customers couldn't get through to the Whirlpool helpline, and their website crashed following the sharp increase in visitors. Furthermore, Whirlpool have been criticised for not offering any refunds and putting people on a waiting list for repair or replacement. Whirlpool have defended their decision as a way to ensure that no unsafe appliances find their way to the resale market.

If you own a Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine and want to make sure yours isn't one of the newly listed machines, check either the inside of your washing machine door or the back to find out its model name. If in doubt, you can also ring Whirlpool on 0800 316 1442.

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