Homeschooling essentials: Help the kids master distance learning with these must-haves

From whiteboards to desks, these homeschooling supply savings will see you through self-isolation

homeschooling essentials
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(Home) school is in session. As the coronavirus quarantine forces more and more schools across the U.S. to shut their doors in favor of distance learning, stocking up on homeschooling essentials is a great way to maintain a sense of routine while life is anything but. What’s more, we’ve curated a list of the top deals we've seen on homeschool supplies, so you don’t have to break the bank doing it. 

Sure, you can dash to the store and grab a few of these necessities, but that kind of defeats the point of self-isolation, doesn’t it? We’ve found everything you need on Amazon and Wayfair, so you can have all your homeschool must-haves delivered right to your door.

First things first, you’ll need a desk, and if you're working from home, your own office desk probably won't do. We’ve found some compact options for kids of all ages. Kids need routine, and creating a work zone can help make homeschooling a lot easier. We suggest finding a space for their desk where you’re able to check in on their progress, away from other key area such as bedrooms and the kitchen. This will help create a routine and sense of separation between work and play zones.


Child’s Lift-Top Desk & Chair | Was $99.99, now $89.99 at Amazon
Save $10 -
This one's kind of adorable, and will easily fit against a window or in a corner of a playroom. Great if you're low on space. It also comes with a matching chair and has a safety-hinged lid for storing books and markers. It's designed for kids ages three to eight.

Adalyn Kids Study Desk | Was $177.24, now $87.99 at Wayfair
Save $87.99 -

Adalyn Kids Study Desk | Was $177.24, now $87.99 at Wayfair
Save $87.99 -
Ideal for older kids (we'd say ages 8+), this Wayfair option is half-off and offers plenty of storage solutions to help overcome clutter. It's actually pretty stylish, too. 

An easel or whiteboard will keep kids engaged and save on paper - great for parents and children alike. It’s important to create a schedule and set achievement goals for the day, and a whiteboard is a great way to do this and check off progress as you go. 

Kids Art Easel U-Stand Whiteboard & Chalkboard | $45.99 at Amazon

Kids Art Easel U-Stand Whiteboard & Chalkboard | $45.99 at Amazon
This option does it all - it's adjustable for kids or adults to use (great if you plan on being hands-on with teaching) and can be a whiteboard or chalkboard, depending on which side you use. 

Sure, you could order a heap of books to keep your kids engaged, but they'll clutter up study spaces and be difficult to store. Instead, consider investing in a Kid's Kindle. They're on sale right now and come with one year of FreeTime Unlimited - that's unlimited children's books (such as the Harry Potter series), meaning kids can use the kindle to practice their reading or to have some downtime and let their imagination run wild. 


Kindle Kids Edition | Was $109.99, now $79.99 at Amazon
Save $30 -
With one year of FreeTime Unlimited, a kid-friendly cover, and two-year worry-free guarantee, you'll get up to a $219 value for just $79.99 when you buy the Kindle Kid's edition. They'll be book-lovers in no time.

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