7 HomeGoods shopping secrets only die-hard fans know

Call yourself a HomeGoods fan? Let's see how many of these you know...

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There’s something about HomeGoods that simply ignites our sense of whimsy and wonder—it’s kind of like an adult toy store that caters to the design- and deal-savvy shopper.

The HomeGoods-obsessed obviously love the brand for its ever-changing selection of top brands and unique products that are available at a fraction of the original sticker price, deals you would only snag once a year in the Black Friday sale. But there are so many other reasons that HomeSense lovers keep coming back.

1. HomeGoods is like thrift shopping—you should always dig through the shelves


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All HomeGoods regulars know the importance of digging into the nooks and crannies of every single shelf to find those diamonds in the rough. It’s not unlike thrift shopping in that the retailer receives lots of one offs that might not be visible at first glance.

Even though HomeGoods has opened an online store, we will never give up the thrill of a good rummage.

2. You know small knicks or stains means you’re going to get a great discount


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Due to the fact that HomeGoods products often come from specialty store cancellation or closeout deals, certain items can sometimes show small signs of wear. Regular shoppers don’t let that deter them though—because it only opens up opportunities to ask for a discount.

However, if the odd knick or scratch does scare you off a bit the Black Friday furniture deals are a good place to look for discounts.

3. Your eyes are trained to spot the bright red price stickers

HomeGoods doesn’t offer a lot of full store sales—but the bright red discount stickers make up for it. Items that don’t move off the shelves quickly enough will get the red sticker treatment, which can sometimes result in up to 90 percent off the original sticker price!

4. You know better than to try to squeeze in during the weekend


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You love HomeGoods; I love HomeGoods; we all love HomeGoods! ...and that’s exactly why you probably know better than to try to shop during the weekend. Weekdays are the prime time to shop without strollers and shopping carts making it impossible to navigate through the aisles.

5. You always check The Goods app to see what new treasures are available

HomeGoods hasn’t moved into the e-commerce space just yet—but the retailer does offer a pretty great smartphone app. The Goods allows you to check in with your local stores to see new arrivals and special finds before even venturing into the store.

homegoods decor

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6. There’s no point in wasting time mulling over a purchase

HomeGoods yellow armchair

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HomeGoods products move off the shelves fast—which is why there’s no point in sleeping on any item you’ve spotted and think you love. It’s better to purchase it immediately than to go back a few days later and realize your precious photo frame or vase has been scooped up by someone else.

The last thing we want to do is encourage impulse buys, but if the answer to whether you need that hallway rug or armchair in your life is 'maybe'. BUY IT!

7. You’re not afraid to check out sister stores TJ Maxx or HomeSense 

Lucky for HomeGoods lovers—the beloved retailer has a couple of similar sister stores that offer just as many whimsical products at bargain prices. TJ Maxx and HomeSense are equally packed with unique decor and home items and also follow the red sticker deal system.

HomeSense has only recently launched in the US but has been described by fans as HomeGoods on steroids. Welcome to your next shopping destination obsession.

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