Home stager says this home decor item can increase your home's value by 15%

Command strips at the ready...

colourful artwork arranged on the wall of a modern home
(Image credit: Desenio)

Artwork adds value to your home by evoking an emotional response in buyers, a home stager reveals. Whether you rent a fancy large-scale abstract or display an eclectic mix of smaller prints, it certainly doesn't have to be an original Monet to leave a lasting impression.

Time to FINALLY get those gallery wall ideas into action...

Elaine Penhaul is an interiors expert and the founder of award-winning, national home staging company Lemon and Lime Interiors.

colourful artwork arranged on the wall of a modern home

(Image credit: Desenio)

Artwork adds value to your home, says home stager

Elaine believes that when it comes to how to add value to your home, there's no better way than hanging some artwork, which with the right furnishings can add around 15% to your offer value. 'If you’re looking for an instant way to improve the saleability of your home value, then invest in artwork,' she says. 

'It helps to offer homebuyers an immediate sense of homeliness, and will help your home stand out,' Elaine adds. Just like the smell of freshly baked bread, art-filled walls make people feel at home.

The home stager goes on to say that artwork can also illustrate a luxurious and stylish lifestyle, and that art speaks a 'universal language.' As for where to put your favorite prints, she recommends displaying art in the hallway to make a striking first impression, or in entertaining spaces, like the dining room or kitchen.

large abstract print with warm pink tones matching the pillows on the couch

Using similar tones throughout artwork and pillows, throws and soft furnishings can make a space feel cohesive

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

If you're wondering how to display pictures in an entryway for maximum impact, the collaged effect of a gallery wall adds lots of personality and a real wow factor to staircases, drawing the eye up. In the dining room, you might want a single large print that gets people talking.

Elaine comments that art not only tells a story, making your home feel more 'human,' but also resonates with buyers and sellers who associate with it a familiar memory or location. Similarly, Annica Wallin, Executive Creative Director at Desenio  says, 'Art often makes the first impression when someone visits a home for the first time, and it’s a great way to refresh an empty space. 

'The versatile qualities of a framed print also allow for easy changes within the home; simply changing a frame, or repositioning a print, can give a room a whole new look without having to go through stressful DIY projects,' Annica adds.

monochrome artwork arranged on the wall of a modern living room

(Image credit: Desenio)

Artwork with colors and tones that are repeated in soft furnishings can also look really stylish, creating a 'red thread' and bringing the room together. If you want to shift your home fast, it's time to buy some Command strips, available at Amazon and embellish your walls with color and pattern.

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