These Home Depot Halloween decorations actually kind of scare us

Cutesy cartoon Halloween decorations and sweet little Jack-O-Lanterns need not apply.

scary halloween decorations
(Image credit: The Home Depot)

When it comes to holidays, there are few decorations more fun than Halloween decorations. While some of us pile pumpkins on the porch or indulge our kids with cartoon inflatables, others go straight for the scare-factor. 

If you're the type who's not satisfied with your Halloween décor until the neighbors are officially freaked out, then we've got the decorations for you. Here, we’ve found some of the spookiest decorations from Home Depot that are guaranteed to send chills down your spine—you’ve been warned!

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Home Accents Holiday Animated LED Jack-in-the-Box | Currently $199

Honestly, just looking at images of this animated LED Jack-in-the-Box kind of gives us the hebejebes—imagine seeing this tucked into the hedges of someone’s home? Yikes! If you're counting on jump scares, this creepy clown ticks off all the boxes.View Deal

Home Accents Holiday Animated LED Haunted Hearse with Skeleton | Currently $349

Just the right amount of kitsch and creepy, this animated LED “haunted hearse” is an impressive five feet in stature—making it just big enough to draw attention without being too difficult to store come November. The spooky hearse includes a skeleton driver and hidden backseat body to add a ghoulish focal point to your haunted front yard.View Deal

Home Accents Holiday Animated Howling Werewolf with LifeEyes | Currently $199

From afar, this howling werewolf is pretty spooky but those brave enough to get up close and personal will get a bonus scare—the animated “LifeEyes” move back and forth, making your neighbors wonder if the spooky wolf really is preying on them.View Deal

Halloween Animated Freddy Krueger | Currently $213.39

Bring your favorite horror film to life with this animated Freddy Krueger. The freaky six-foot character is both sound and motion activated and includes a variety of movie quotes and hand movements.View Deal

Animated Pennywise | Currently $174.44

The only thing more spooky than Freddy Krueger is Pennywise. The horrifying villain from the It franchise is guaranteed to frighten even the most hardened passerby thanks to its beyond creepy hand movements and phrases from the movie franchise.View Deal

80 in. Animated Standing Devil in Red | Currently $129

Between its glowing red eyes and sinister blood red overcoat, this life-size standing devil will send chills down anyone’s spine. The battery operated figure towers over the average human for an added intimidating effect.View Deal

Home Accents Holiday 4 ft. LED Hanging Scarecrow | Currently $29.98

Remember Children of the Corn? This budget-friendly indoor-outdoor scarecrow was made for spooking—but it’ll have the best effect tucked into tall grass or among decorative barrels of hay.View Deal

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