Alert! The Hilton Carter x Target collection has arrived and it starts at $5

The Hilton Carter x Target collection ranges from $5 to $130 and is perfect for all — green thumb or not.

Hilton Carter for Target
(Image credit: Target Corporate)

This is not a drill: Hilton Carter has teamed up with Target for the plant-lovers collection to end all other plant-lovers collections. And, now we are not only recommending everyone head on over to the fan-favorite retailer to update their best outdoor furniture. Now, it is imperative to shop this brand-new, limited-edition collection too. 

Infused with Hilton’s popular modern and approachable style, the more than 65-item collection features like the-real-thing faux greenery, lush live plants, and unique plant accessories made to cultivate joy in your home all year round.

Available May 14th, this stellar line ranges from $5 to $130 and suitable for all plant-lovers — green thumb or not, and to get everyone into the shopping spirit, we've rounded up our seven can't miss items from the Hilton Carter x Target (opens in new tab)collection below. 

1. This glass water mister 

Hilton Carter x Target glass mister

(Image credit: Target)

6.26" x 3.27" Glass Plant Mister Yellow/Amber Gray - Hilton Carter (opens in new tab) for Target for $20, at Target

Keep your plants hydrated and looking their best with this glass plant mister (opens in new tab). Featuring a misting head that's perfect when applying mist to tropical plants and succulents, this piece is made from glass so you can reuse it whenever you need to, and it sports an amber-gray hue for a stylish look

2. This sleek pair of shears 

Hilton Carter garden shears

(Image credit: Target)

6" Garden Shear with Leather Pouch Black/Brown - Hilton Carter (opens in new tab)for Target for $15, at Target

This set of garden shears (opens in new tab)features two small blades so you can snip off dead leaves or flowers, and a notch in the blade helps you cut through thicker twigs and branches. 

3. This potted tree

Hilton Carter for Target

(Image credit: Target)

68.5" Faux Rubber Tree in Ribbed Pot Black - Hilton Carter for Target (opens in new tab)for $130, at Target

Standing 68.5 inches tall with oversized, oval-shaped leaves in a rich emerald hue, this potted tree (opens in new tab) makes a statement way to refresh your indoor decor. Housed in a black ceramic pot with a ribbed finish for sleek style and texture, this artificial potted plant blends in wonderfully with a range of decor schemes, from boho to mid-century modern to industrial. 

4. This must-have metal stand

Hilton Carter for Target metal stand

(Image credit: Target)

22.5" x 3.5" Metal Hanging Stem Plant Stand - Hilton Carter for Target (opens in new tab) for $50, at Target

This plant stand (opens in new tab) features two vertical metal bars with three rows — each containing six vials — where you can suspend plants in a vial of water and watch each one grow.

5. This tabletop terrarium

Hilton Carter for target plants

(Image credit: Target)

10.6" x 9" Glass/Metal Aged House Terrarium Planter Gold - Hilton Carter for Target (opens in new tab)for $30, at Target

Made of electro-coated gold-finish stainless steel with translucent glass walls so you can admire your plants, this tabletop terrarium (opens in new tab) is like a mini-greenhouse for your house plants. 

6. This chic canvas apron

Hilton Carter for Target aprons

(Image credit: Target)

Full Apron Waxed Canvas with Leather Gray - Hilton Carter for Target (opens in new tab)for $30, at Target

This essential garden accessory (opens in new tab)is made of waxed cotton canvas to help water and dirt bead off of the surface. Brown genuine leather accents add an attractive finish to the straps while contrasting with the gray canvas, and two large front pockets with a smaller built-in cellphone pocket let you easily stash your go-to tools within reach near your belt. 

7. This stylish stand

Hilton Carter for Target plant stand

(Image credit: Target)

Metal Scalloped Plant Stand Gold - Hilton Carter for Target (opens in new tab)starting at $15, at Target

This plant stand (opens in new tab)features a rich gold hue and round scalloped shape for texture and style which is perfect for your plants. It’s crafted from metal for a sleek look, and it has an adjustable base stand so you can set it on an uneven surface. 

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