Here's where hand sanitizer is in stock, now

Still searching for hand sanitizer? Here are the places that have it in stock for you to buy

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Finding hand sanitizer in stock has been challenging, if not downright impossible, since the earliest inklings of a Coronavirus outbreak. Online retailers sell out almost as soon as stock goes live, and shelves in stores show empty space where anything with "disinfectant" in the name once sat. And while good old soap and water is super effective in banishing germs, when you do have to go out for groceries, hand sanitizer is most convenient.

As retailers work overtime to make sure their shelves are stocked with the essentials that will help keep us safe right now, we've been seeing hand sanitizer more readily available in stores and at a few select online retailers. 

Here's where and how to get hand sanitizer in-stock now. We're starting with online, and then moving to bricks-and-mortar stores, below. 

Where to buy hand sanitizer online

We've had the best luck with While the brands are no-name (most of the site's sellers are manufacturers or wholesalers), Ali Express is one of the largest ecommerce websites in the world, and they do offer a buyer protection program that covers all transactions.

One thing to note about Ali Express is that the shipping times vary greatly, so this is the best option for those who are preparing in advance. Regardless, be sure to check them before placing an order. We found shipping lead times anywhere from 12 days to six weeks. 

50ml Mini Hand Sanitizer Free Fragrance Disposable No Clean Travel Portable Clean Moisturizing Leakage-Proof Safe Gel| $2.06 at AliExpress

This is the quickest-shipping hand sanitizer we found on AliExpress. At the time of publication, ship time is a guaranteed 12 days and there are more than 2,500 units in stock. View Deal

Anti Bacterial Disposable Hand Sanitizer Hand Disinfection Gel | $1.39 at AliExpress

This hand santizer should arrive at your home in about three weeks, and shipping is just over $5. There are currently more than 1,400 bottles in stock. View Deal

Where to buy hand sanitizer near you

Don't have a week or five to wait for your hand sanitizer delivery? We've also been seeing it more in stores.

We've been keeping an eye on big national retailers like Home Depot, Costco, Lowe's, Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Walmart, with the latter two the most consistent bet for getting hand sanitizer quickly. The Target website lets you buy certain brands online and pickup in your local store and if that's not an option, it tells you what aisle the hand sanitizer is in so you can get in and get out fast.

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(Image credit: Target)

For the best chance of getting in-demand supplies, check stock at your local Target or Walmart first thing in the morning. To see what's available at Target, you have to check the "Pickup today" or "In-stores" option under "Shipping & Pickup."For Walmart, select your local store from the "Store availability" drop-down menu at the top of your search results.

Both of these stores are re-stocking overnight, and first thing in the morning is when most will have availability.

We’re linking below to the brands we’ve seen in stock most frequently so you can check availability directly and not make an unnecessary trip to the store. Bookmark this page, and come back first thing in the AM to check for essentials.

Puracy Foaming Hand Sanitizer Fragance Free - 8.5oz | $5.99 at Target

This is one of the few hand sanitizers we've seen available at Target for both delivery (for now) and pickup. Click below to check stock at your local store.View Deal

Raw Sugar Coconut + Lemon Verbena hand sanitizer| $5.99 at Target

Raw Sugar's tropical-scented, plant-derived hand sanitizer is also available for shipping and in select local stores. View Deal

Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer | $5.99 at Target

This plant-derived hand-sanitizer is alcohol-free, but still kills 99.9 percent of germs in 15 seconds. View Deal

Hand Sanitizer & Carrier - 1.05oz - More Than Magic™ Black Cherry Champ | $1.99 at Target

This small-sized bottle is great for on-the-go. We've seen a handful available at many of the stores we've checked. View Deal

The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray, Grapefruit Grove - 2 fl oz | $2.99 at Target

Another pint-size spray, this one from The Honest Company has also been available in the early morning at a number of the stores we've checked in the suburban New York City area.View Deal

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