Heading to uni? Bag the Nanu pillow and the duvet at 20% off with this student code

Pssst! You don't have to be a student to use this code. Quality bedding at a discount? Win win...

Nanu Pillow and Duvet on bed in bedroom
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Is your teen flying the nest to go to uni and in need of a new pillow and duvet set? Of all the new uni essentials you should definitely take with you, it's your own pillow and duvet that comes out top. And the Nanu pillow and duvet range is a gem. Why? Well, simply put, it's a personalised pillow and duvet range that's adapted to your sleeping habits. And while it's not the cheapest buy, it's the kind of quality that will see them through to their finals (and beyond), meaning you'll only have to fork out once.

Let's take the pillow: first you choose how firm or soft you like a pillow; then select your sleeping position whether it be front, back or side; then input your height and weight. All these factors create the perfect pillow to help you sleep comfortably all night long. As for the two personalised duvets, these can be anything from 4.5 togs to 15 togs; for those who sleep next to someone, there's a split weight duvet, too – perfect if you're a cold sleeper and they're a hot sleeper.

Let's cut to the chase: the Nanu range has a huge 20 per cent off at the moment. This means you can bag a pillow for just £24 instead of £30 and duvets start from £32 (instead of £40), depending on the tog rating. To claim this discount, scroll for the code (pssst, even if you're not a student, you can still use the code!).

Nanu | 20% off

Nanu | 20% off
Use the code STUDENT20 at checkout to claim this deal. And don't worry if you're not a student, as using this code doesn't require student verification. While we're fully aware there are many other duvet and pillow options out there that may cheaper, purchasing quality means it'll last throughout your whole three years. In turn saving you money on re-purchasing each year, and of course it saves the environment, too. Result.

Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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