Have you embraced the 'smart garden'? It's the latest way to grow house plants (Ikea's even doing it)

Meet the smart garden: a new generation of house plant gadgets, from floating plant pots to house plant-composed music (yes, really)

Smart garden: Ikea hydroponics
(Image credit: Ikea)

Remember when house plant gadgets were limited to plastic watering tubes? Those days are well and truly gone, and now we have a whole new generation of smart garden paraphernalia that is really offering a new way to grow, look after, and engage with indoor plants. Some of these are very mainstream (and available at Ikea) while others are way out there (and expensive), but all are fascinating and worth investigating. 

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1. The floating bonsai plant pot

Sportuli floating plant pot

(Image credit: Amazon)

Take your indoor Japanese zen garden to a whole new level with the floating plant pot from Sportuli. The magnetic construction allows the pot to float above its base and even rotate, you will just need to connect it to your phone. There is also an LED light to add to the atmosphere. Both bonsai trees and succulents will look amazing in this innovative planter. 

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2. The hydroponic gardening kit

Ikea hydroponics

(Image credit: Ikea)

Hydroponics are all the rage nowadays, allowing even those of us without much of an aptitutde for gardening to grow flowers and vegetables indoors using little more than water and electric light. Ikea have recently joined the hydroponics craze with a typically well designed and affordable hydroponic range, with growing kits ranging from £49.50 for a starter kit to £103 for a two-tier kit that will accommodate 16 plant pots. Enough for a mini farm!

3. The plant music recorder

Data Garden midi sprout

(Image credit: Data Garden)

This bizarre yet wonderful addition to the world of house plant accessories opens a new dimension to the already popular area of ambient nature sounds (which we all love playing while working or relaxing). Meet Data Garden, a digital-only record label that have developed a device that collects biodata from plants and translates it into music. This gadget was originally designed to be used with professional musical equipment, but following lots of interest, they've developed a version that can work with a mobile phone, so that anyone can listen to their plants. The device is currently sold on their website, but you can listen to their online streaming service for free.