Get free trees for your garden if you live in London – and make the capital greener

The Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Woodland Trust have teamed up to give away 30,000 trees for Londoners to make the capital even greener

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Live in London, love to garden, and want to help fight climate change? Last month we reported on the importance of urban gardening to mitigate the effects of global warming, and now you'll get a chance to pitch in, without spending a penny. 

The Mayor of London and the Woodland Trust have joined forces to help Londoners make the city greener by giving away 30,000 free trees. The trees will come in pack of two saplings, a rowan and a wild cherry. These are easy care, hardy trees that are suitable even for small gardens, and are important to native birds. 

a magnolia by a water feature

(Image credit: leigh clapp)

For a chance to win a tree pack, enter your details on the website until 11 November; if your name is drawn, the trees will be shipped to you in late November. 

The initiative is part of a bigger, nationwide campaign by the Woodland Trust. The Big Climate Fightback is calling on the people of Britain to plant as many trees as they can in an effort to combat rising global CO2 emissions. The goal is to inspire us to plant trees to tackle climate change. There's no target for the number of trees planted, but if people tell them how many they aim to plant when they pledge, they will add these up and let everyone know after the event.

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