From data to design: how past interior trends are used to predict future ones

A new design report from Swoon has revealed just what our buying habits mean for future interior trends...

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So we've already looked into our crystal ball of interiors to see which trends would be big in 2019, and we are constantly revisiting its milky depths (ahem... scrolling through Instagram, checking Pinterest, keeping up with design forecasters) to bring you styles and ideas that are inspiring and bang on trend.

So when we saw furniture specialists Swoon has released a whole ton of data in the form of their Design Futures Trend Report, we got excited. We reckon this (beautifully put together) report not only shows some really interesting trends you should know about, but also shows how trends are predicted using sales statistics and buying habits. The data behind the design if you will. 

Keep reading to find out which colours, materials and styles are looking to be growing in popularity in the nest year and which trends are definitely on the way out (spoiler: we still love Mid-century everything)...

Let's start off with a big'un. Which trends are still hot and what's looking like it may fizzle out. No surprises here that Mid-century Modern is still top of its game and remains Swoon's biggest sale aesthetic. 

The next big trend to be is Art Deco, with sales of this style up 200 per cent. While not a million miles away from Mid-century style, Art Deco is definitely more glam, there are more metallics, more playful designs and, of course, a load of bar carts. 

Scandi is still hanging about, with sales of this Nordic-inspired furniture doubling in the last year. 

So what's taken the hit? 

Industrial is surprisingly dwindling and has had a bit of a lull in 2018. 

Same goes for that boho, global, 'I bought this when I was trekking in the Himalayas' vibe, which has seen a notable drop in popularity (we are predicting this will make a come back again in spring and summer though, so don't worry too much if you bought all rattan everything last year).  

Swoon design future trend report styles

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The report also showed which colours we have been into over the last year and we are continuing to love into the coming year. 

Obviously, grey is up there, because who are we kidding, our love of grey ain't going nowhere? 

Blue is also pretty popular, but after that the country looks pretty divided between yellow (northern England and Scotland), green (southern England and Northern Ireland) and pink (Wales). 

We can totally vouch for these three underdog colours. We have slowly been seeing a rise over the last few months in how obsessed we all our with pink interiors. Literally, some mornings our Instagram feed looks like Barbie threw up all over it (in a good way, obviously). Same goes for yellow. Pinterest saw a huge rise in people looking for yellow room ideas (up 45 per cent). And with our love of house plants and tropical prints still going strong, it's no surprise green has grown in popularity. 

Swoon design future report colour trends

(Image credit: Swoon)

Which materials are we loving in 2019?

So what about materials? When it comes to trends, we do focus a lot on colours and styles, but materials come and go, too. 

According to Swoon's data, marble and metallics are still having their time in the spotlight, and dark woods are creeping up, too. Totally fits with the Mid-century and Art Deco styles that are growing in popularity.

Surprisingly, it's the more natural finishes that look to be on the way out in 2019. Reclaimed pine and weathered finishes both went down on the love level, possibly since the industrial trend is decreasing in popularity. 

Swoon design futures material trends 2019

(Image credit: Swoon)


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