Finally, a washing machine that tackles stains at an eco-friendly 20°C

Hotpoint release new ActiveCare Laundry range that is gentle on clothes, but tough on stains

ActiveCare washing machine from Hotpoint
(Image credit: Hotpoint)

It's a promise that has been made time and again by laundry detergent manufacturers: effective stain removal at low temperatures. In practice. we've all found that some stains are almost impossible to get rid of. Anyone who's ever tried to remove a red wine/mustard/berry juice stain from their clothes will know what we're talking about. 

It may be that the battle against stubborn stains is finally over, though, and the winner isn't yet another detergent, but a clever new washing machine. The ActiveCare washing machine from Hotpoint promises to remove over 100 stains at one go at a mere 20°C. 

The ActiveCare technology works in three steps: first, your detergent is pre-mixed with water into a mousse-like consistency before it enters the drum; this concentrated mousse penetrates deeper into the clothes and is more effective at removing stains than ordinary detergent. Then, the laundry cycle benefits from the machine's clever brushless inverter motor that generates 10 different drum motions during every cycle to tackle every type of stain. Finally, the Active Load stage of the technology ensures that optimal amount of water is used for each load of clothes, ensuring the best possible cleaning performance – and making sure excessive amounts of water aren't used. 

Safe for delicate fabrics and colours, the ActiveCare washing machine comes in capacities of eight, nine, or 10kg, with the largest version coming with an additional Steam Refresh programme.

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