New device allows you to enjoy the taste of filtered water – without changing your tap

The DIY-fit Abode Swich converts tap water into filtered water, saving you money and helping the environment

Abode Switch
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Bottled drinking water might taste good, but every year, a mind-boggling 13 billion plastic bottles end up in landfill in the UK alone. Nor is bottled water cheap; a household of just two people consuming the recommended two litres of water a day will spend over £600 on bottled water a year. 

One solution is a portable water filtering jug, but they can be inefficient, and are also made from – you've probably guessed it – plastic. A water-filtering tap is a much better alternative, but will not work in practice for everyone, particularly people who rent. But now there is a more flexible option. 

The Abode Swich is a clever device that fits onto any tap and produces filtered water or standard tap water, depending on what you need.  Simply turn the handle control to the type of water supply required and enjoy immediate access to both the domestic supply and filtered water delivered through the Abode Aquifier filter cartridge. 

Abode Switch facts

(Image credit: Abode)

How does it work? Installation is quick and simple, with push-fit pipe technology for simple DIY installation. Normal domestic water passing over the activated carbon filter reduces chlorine levels and reduces sediment, dirt, dissolved metals and rust, resulting in an improved water taste.  

When the Swich device is turned to the filter setting, you will experience a slightly lower flow of water. This is designed to ensure that the water coming into the filter has sufficient contact time with the activated carbon inside the filter cartridge, housed discreetly under the sink.

Due to the differences in water quality throughout the UK, Swich is available with either the classic or high resin filter. Typically, the classic filter is used in soft to moderately soft water areas and the high resin filter in slightly hard to very hard water areas.

The Swich itself will cost you £189, and the replaceable filter will be good for six months. 

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