Emma, Simba or Casper – which mattress in a box is right for you?

Compare the key features of the top mattress in a box brands using our handy, at-a-glance guide

Here's how mattress in a box brands compare
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The mattress in a box revolution means brands like Eve, Casper and Simba have become household names without ever having physical showrooms. But with so many new brands all promising us a great night's sleep, it can be tough knowing which one to go for. In fact, it can seem simpler to head to a traditional showroom and awkwardly lie on a few mattresses to decide which one you should buy. But do that and you're missing out on lots of benefits, including easy delivery, a free trial period and low costs. In the latest episode of the Real Homes Show, below, we explain the pros and cons of a buying a mattress in a box, plus show how a Simba Hybrid arrives and how easy it is to unpack.

In a nutshell, a mattress in a box is vacuum packed in plastic and then rolled so that it fits into a box about 50cm by 120cm. This makes the mattress much easier to manoeuvre, especially if you live in a flat or townhouse with lots of stairs. 

The biggest selling point, though, is that these mattresses all come with free trial periods, ranging from 90 to 365 days. If you don't like the mattress during that period, you simply let the company know and they collect it for an exchange or refund. Returned mattresses are either recycled or donated to a good cause. And because these brands don't have the overheads of physical showrooms, you can get a high-end mattress at an affordable price.

To help you see which brand is right for you, we've created this handy table that shows the key features of each mattress in a box brand, from how long the free trial lasts to the starting price for a double mattress.

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Mattress brandOptions availableRRP for a double Free trial periodGuaranteeDelivery & returns
EmmaThe Emma Original = three layers of memory foam and supportive cold foam£649100 nights10 yearsFree standard delivery and returns
CasperThe Original = two layers of foam. The Casper = four layers of foam. The Hybrid = four layers of foam and springsThe Original = £400. The Casper = £600. The Hybrid = £800100 nights10 yearsFree standard delivery and returns
SimbaSimba Hybrid = memory foam and 2,500 springs. Simba Pro = memory foam and 5,000 springsSimba Hybrid = £562. Simba Pro = £787100 nights10 yearsFree standard delivery and returns
EveThe Original = 24cm of memory foam. The Premium = 28cm of memory foam. The Hybrid = memory foam and 650 springs. The Premium Hybrid = memory foam and 1,500 springsThe Original = £649. The Premium = £899. The Hybrid = £549. The Premium Hybrid = £899100 nights10 yearsFree standard delivery and returns
LeesaThe Leesa = three layers of memory foam. Leese Luxury Hybrid = memory foam and springsThe Leesa = £449. Leesa Luxury Hybrid = £899100 nights10 yearsFree standard delivery and returns
OttyOtty Flex = three layers of memory foam. Otty Hybrid = memory foam and 2,000 springsOtty Flex = £399.99. Otty Hybrid = £449.99100 nights10 yearsFree standard delivery and returns
NectarThe Nectar = three layers of memory foam£699.99365 nightsLifetimeFree standard delivery and returns

Which mattress in a box is right for you?

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