Dyson's V6 is now under £130 for Black Friday – head to eBay for this unbelievable deal

The Dyson V6 is cheeeaaaap this Black Friday. Now you can own a Dyson vacuum for a price tag that suits you...

Dyson V6 in use
(Image credit: Dyson)

Need an affordable vacuum? The Dyson V6 is a great option, not to mention that it currently has a lovely 19 per cent off at eBay. 

Black Friday is in a few days time, but every retailer has begun dropping deals early – and there are tons of Dyson Black Friday deals to be had. 

So, if you had your eye on one of the best vacuum cleaners around and a cheap but cheerful model, this offering is the perfect combo: all at the amazing price of just £129.59. A Dyson vacuum for under £130? Yes, we're not going mad (yet).

We should note that this Black Friday deal is on a refurbished model but don't worry: it's being sold by the official Dyson eBay shop and it comes with a one year guarantee. You can also pay monthly for this item if you like. So many options...

For more unmissable deals, head to our Black Friday page, otherwise keep scrolling for the best Dyson V6 deal we've ever seen.

Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner | Was £159.99 now £129.59
This Dyson V6 is an absolute bargain – it's been refurbished (by Dyson), hence the cheap price tag. If that puts you off, just bear in mind that it comes with a one year guarantee should anything go wrong. Look at it this way: it's more eco-friendly than buying a brand new Dyson, and easier on the wallet.

What do we love about the Dyson V6?
The V6 is a great option for those with small homes: it has a run time of 20 minutes from one charge; it converts to hand held for cleaning stairs, cars and more; it's bagless and easy to empty; and it comes with a motorised cleaning head suitable for all floor types. Really, the V6 is the less beefed-up version of the V11. It's essentially a fuss-free affordable Dyson. It ticks all our boxes.

Shop now at eBay to bag this appliance for under £130.