Does a fire pit add value to a home? Here's what you need to know about adding one to your backyard

Does a fire pit add value to a home? Real estate expert research has the answers

Does a fire pit add value to a home
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Does a fire pit add value to a home? Fire pits are both cool and functional – there's hardly a backyard that won't benefit from the warmth and aesthetic pleasure of real fire. But if you're wondering how to add value to your home, can a fire pit be a serious consideration?

The truthful answer is that if you want to add a fire pit in order to maximize your home's potential when selling, you'll need to choose your fire pit carefully, as well as finding out as much as you can about what's permitted in your area.

Does a fire pit add value to a home?

Does a fire pit add value to a home

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Generally speaking, yes – and you don't have to live in a cold climate to reap the benefits, although it certainly helps. A fire pit actually came top in a survey of thousands of real estate agents by Homelight – 54 percent named a firepit buyers' most desired backyard improvement. If you live in the Midwest, that figure rises to 59 percent – unsurprising, that the fire pit is more essential in states with colder winters. 

Having said that, even if you live in California, a fire pit still has an aesthetic appeal that most buyers like – but, you'll likely have to invest in a more expensive, permanent type fire pit that requires professional installation to add value to your home. Smaller, portable fire pits are perceived as something the seller can easily take with them when they sell and aren't as desirable. However, a walled type fire pit , although it can cost in the region of $6,000, will recoup $4,000 of its value when you sell, according to a report by the National Association of Realtors. While this isn't exactly turning a profit, it's a very decent return on the original investment, given that outdoor features individually typically don't add much value. 

Does a fire pit add value to a home

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The only issue with permanent fire pits is that they're not always allowed by local authorities, so you'll need to check that they're permitted in your area. If you can't have a permanent fire pit installed, you'll still enjoy some of the best fire pits that are just smaller or even portable for your own enjoyment, but it's highly unlikely it will add value to your home. They'll still be attractive to buyers and increase your chance of selling, but not the home price. 

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