Cleaning fans swear by this unusual teabag trick for cleaning frying pans - it's a game-changer

Instagram can't get enough of this frying pan cleaning tip that promises to get dirty pans spotless using just a teabag and no sponge

Frying pan cleaning tip
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 When it comes to cleaning a  pan a tea bag is the last thing you’d expect to use. However, cleaning expert, Lynsey Crombie, claims your favourite brew is the secret to this frying pan cleaning tip that involves zero scrubbing. 

Lynsey Crombie also known as Lynsey Queen of Clean to her 222k followers on Instagram, regularly posts clever cleaning hacks. From using shaving foam as stain remover to showing how to clean a kitchen using just a lemon, the cleaning guru promises to make short work of dirty jobs. 

Recently on her Instagram, she posted a genius frying pan cleaning tip using a teabag to remove the burnt-on grease. In the post, she wrote ‘Teabag trick -New or used tea bags are a great cleaner and they work amazingly at cleaning up dirty pans. Let the tea do the trick. No scrubbing required.’

In the video, Lynsey says you can use a used or new teabag, both will be equally effective. Simply fill the frying pan with water in the sink and drop in the teabag.

The cleaning expert recommends waiting for 15 minutes for the ‘tannins’ in the tea to do the work. After 15 minutes your pan should be spotless. If the final results of Lynsey’s pan are anything to go by then this is one Instagram hack that works.

At the beginning of the video, the frying pan is caked in baked-on grease. However, at the end of the video, she empties a panful of murky brown water into the sink, leaving behind a spotless surface. So satisfying, and there's not even a sponge insight. Just a quick rinse under the tap.

It seems the tea trick is already an old favorite among some Instagrammers with fan commenting: ‘This is a brilliant tip, I’ve used it a few times and it works every time. Thank you Lynsey x’

‘Done this at Christmas with my baking trays. Worked wonders ❤️ x,’ commented another.

Frying pan cleaning tip with tea

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Lynsey revealed to her fans that this hack will work on pretty much anything including a slow cooker, pyrex dish, and roasting pans.

The teabag’s seemingly magic cleaning qualities come from the tannins in the tea. These give the tea a high level of astringency, making it useful for cutting through grease and dust. Many cleaning buffs don’t just count on tea as a pan cleaner but also praise it as a window cleaner too.

However, if the tip doesn't work for you then you can always read our feature on how to clean a burnt pan for a myriad of other ways to get your pans back in good condition. 

Will you be trying this tea trick at home?

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