Spotted: 9 celebrity home decor brands that will have you living like your favorite A-listers

So many celebrity home decor brands to shop for, so little time.

Drew Barrymore celebrity home decor brands
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Trends come and go, but in Hollywood, celebrity home decor brands are forever. These days, so many of our favorite A-listers moonlight as part-time interior designers, and the best part? Most of them are affordable.

 So, if you are hoping to upgrade a WFH-essential like the best armchair or elevate the best mattress with some trendy throw pillows: you can. And, you can do so without breaking the bank. 

Yes, yes, we know, it's fantastic — and we have Hollywood heavy-hitters like Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore to thank, and if you want to see what exactly it is they're offering — keep reading!

Our top 9 celebrity home decor brands to shop

From bold bedding to the best candle, here are our nine favorite celebrity home decor brands and our favorite pieces.

1. Drew Barrymore's, Flower Home

celebrity home decor brands

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Vibrant, inviting, and full of life, Drew Barrymore's Flower Home (opens in new tab) offers a unique assortment of eclectic home furnishings, including furniture, curtains, textiles, wall art, ceramics, pet beds, and more. 

Shop our top 3 'Flower Home' picks below: 

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Cactus Peel & Stick Wallpaper by Drew Barrymore Flower Home (opens in new tab) for $69, at Walmart

If you've read our best peel-and-stick wallpaper buying guide (opens in new tab), it's no secret that we are not only major fans of peel-and-stick wallpaper, but we're major fans of this specific wallpaper. (opens in new tab) The bold blue and vibrant cactus design is full of life and will open up any room in your home in a matter of minutes! 

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Petal Accent Chair by Drew Barrymore Flower Home (opens in new tab) l Was $370, Now $277.94, at Walmart

Love the idea of an accent chair but have yet to find the best accent chair (opens in new tab)? Let us be the first to recommend this perfect petal piece. (opens in new tab) Available in three sensational shades, this velvet chair is not only as soft as it looks but an investment that is worth making. 

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Tropical Toile Mid-Century 26 in. Counter Stool by Drew Barrymore Flower Home (opens in new tab) for $203.82

Printed, wooden, and comfortable? This piece (opens in new tab) is one of the best armchairs (opens in new tab)we've seen in a very long time. 

2. Lauren Conrad, LC Lauren Conrad

LC Lauren Conrad, celebrity home decor brand

(Image credit: Kohls)

Any Lauren Conrad out there? If so, you need to shop her LC Lauren Conrad (opens in new tab)available at Kohls. Since launching in 2009, the collection is still going strong over a decade later and includes everything from home decor to clothes, shoes, and most recently added beauty! 

Shop our favorites

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LC Lauren Conrad Bamboo Cheese Board (opens in new tab) l Was $29.99, Now $15.74, at Kohls

Prepare for all your fall festivities and regular get-togethers by adding this cheeseboard (opens in new tab) to your kitchen's pantry.

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LC Lauren Conrad Marble Candleholder Table Decor (opens in new tab) l Was $37.49, Now $26.24, at Kohls

You can't have the best candle (opens in new tab) in your home without the chicest candle holder, and this one (opens in new tab) gets the job done. 

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LC Lauren Conrad 300 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Set or Pillowcases (opens in new tab) l Was $89.99, Now $25.19, at Kohls

The only way to make your beloved mattress (opens in new tab) even better? By adding these 300-thread count (opens in new tab)sheets into the picture. With so many new different colors and patterns available, surely you're bound to find a set from every season and layout.  

3. Drew & Jonathan Scott, 'Scott Living' 

celebrity home decor brands

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Drew and Jonathan Scott are the dream-team behind multiple HGTV programs focused on home renovation and transformation. Together, the two draw millions of viewers across the country, and their latest venture is called 'Scott Living' and it's available at Kohls. 

The Scott Living (opens in new tab)product line will offer two unique collections, Oasis and Luxe, allowing customers to mix and match their ideal home aesthetic. The Oasis collection leans into natural and earthy tones, creating a light, fresh, and relaxing atmosphere, while the Luxe adds modern sophistication at an affordable price point, merging experimental texture and color combinations with rich textiles and opulent metallics.

Shop our favorites 

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Scott Living Bryant Accent Chair (opens in new tab) l Was $333.99, Now $210.41, at Kohls

In need of a reliable seat, but the counter stool wasn't your vibe? Let's turn our attention to this sturdy and sophisticated piece (opens in new tab).  Available in a slew of sensational shades, It's easily one of the best armchairs. (opens in new tab)

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Scott Living 1-panel Delta Stripe Grommet Window Curtain (opens in new tab) l Was $80, Now starting at $42, at Kohls

Are you looking for the most picture-perfect finish when it comes to your windows? Implement this woven stripe patterned panel (opens in new tab) that'll make the most swoon-worthy statement. 

4. Reese Witherspoon, Draper James

celebrity home decor brands

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Whether it’s Nashville or New Orleans, Beaufort or Birmingham, there is a special breed of charm and grace that’s signature to the American South. With Draper James (opens in new tab), the goal is to bring contemporary yet timeless Southern style to your home, no matter where you live. 

Shop our favorites

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Magnolia Mug (opens in new tab) for $10, at Draper James

Sip your favorite hot drink in true Southern style with this Magnolia Mug (opens in new tab). The porcelain mug features the beautiful Magnolia print and will add a touch of class to your current collection. More favorably? It's microwavable and dishwasher safe, meaning you can enjoy all of your favorite cups of joe made with the best coffee make (opens in new tab)r all day, every day. 

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So Much to Celebrate (opens in new tab) for $29.99, at Draper James

Brimming with creative party themes for every season, inspiring décor ideas, and delicious recipes, So Much to Celebrate (opens in new tab) is the perfect book for anyone who appreciates good times, good food, and good celebrations. 

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Orange Blossom Special Candle (opens in new tab) for $32, at Draper James

Impeccably blended with a high dose of Southern charm, this Orange Blossom Special Candle (opens in new tab) draws the senses in for a sweet spell. With layers of clementine, petitgrain, and citrus zest, orange blossom, and water lily, it's easily one of the best candles (opens in new tab) on the market. 

5. Lenny Kravitz, CB2 x Kravitz Design

Did anyone else know Lenny Kravitz owned a home decor line? If you're shaking your head, you're not alone (I did not know either). However, what I did learn is that his well-known home collection has teamed up with CB2 and the verdict?

Lenny Kravitz x CB2 (opens in new tab) is the 70s vibe of my dreams (and hopefully yours, too). Each piece is inspired by Lenny's eclectic global lifestyle and the furnishings from his homes in Paris, Brazil, and the Bahama, and it's pure perfection. 

Shop our favorites

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Lenny Kravitz x CB2 Rake Brass Chair (opens in new tab) for $399,  at CB2

The Rake Brass Chair (opens in new tab) is a fashion-forward pairing of supple leather and slick metal. The gleaming brass-plated brushed steel frame is outfitted in a genuine black leather sling that slips on and off like a glove to create two distinct looks. 

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Lenny Kravitz x CB2, 18"x12" Pata Pillow (opens in new tab) for $39.95, at CB2

Quilted color-blocked panels angle asymmetry with tactile interest on the Pata throw pillow, (opens in new tab) inspired by the bold beauty of African art. Both soft and graphic channeled blocks in earthy tones and muted red compose a geometric layer of texture.

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Lenny Kravitz x CB2 Rake Brass Bar Stools (opens in new tab) starting at $449, at CB2

Here, the gleaming brass-plated brushed steel frame is outfitted in a genuine black leather sling that slips on and off to create two distinct chairs (opens in new tab). Finished with a raw edge for a handmade and crafted appeal, the natural hide will wear beautifully and become even more conditioned over time. 

6. Lionel Richie, Lionel Richie Home

celebrity home decor trends

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For the past 30 years, when he wasn't traveling the world, judging on American Idol, or creating timeless hits, Lionel Richie has devoted his free time to producing his dream home collection. 

Enter: Lionel Richie Home (opens in new tab).

According to Richie, Home is an extension of songwriting for him. Home is family, friends, love. He has lived every luxurious possibility of that in his travels since those humble beginnings, staying in the world's finest hotels, dining in the world's greatest houses. The evening is one fabulous show for Lionel Richie, not just when it’s a concert for 10,000 but when it's dinner for two or six or twelve. The luxurious gold rim of a plate, the sexy shape of a wine glass, the flattering glow of candlelight – like every note of a song, every detail matters at the elegant homes he created in Tuskegee and Beverly Hills. 

Everybody wants to be a participant in the creative part of life. Everybody wants to connect. Lionel Richie has built his own beautiful world around this simple idea, and now he wants to build yours around it too.

Shop our favorites

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Lionel Richie Home Lifestyle Collection - 6 Piece Towel Set (opens in new tab) for $34.99, at Amazon

For those looking to replace their tried-but-true towel set, this sleek set of 6 is an excellent option. Within this 6-set pack (opens in new tab), users have a variety of sizes to mix and match to fit their everyday needs. 

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Lionel Richie Home Lifestyle Collection - 7 Piece Lightweight Queen Size Comforter Set (opens in new tab)for $54, at Amazon

The only thing better than upgrading to the best mattress? Is upgrading to this lightweight 9-piece bedding set. (opens in new tab) Not only is it available in the most spectacular satin shade, but it also features highlights of gold throughout. 

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Lionel Richie Home Lifestyle Decorative Pillows, Black/Gold - 2 Pack (opens in new tab)for $40, at Amazon

Accessorize any couch, desk chair, or loveseat to perfection with this perfect 2-pack of pillows (opens in new tab)

7. Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Clarkson x Wayfair

celebrity home decor brands

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Kelly Clarkson believes: "You shouldn’t have to choose between a budget or a beautiful home. Every item in my Wayfair collection (opens in new tab) features heirloom appeal, vintage inspiration, and best of all – great prices". So, the 38-year-old teamed up with Wayfair to give shoppers just what they deserve: beauty on a budget. 

Shop our favorites

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Laurie 2 - Light 14.75" Chandelier Style Drum Semi Flush Mount (opens in new tab) l Was $239.99, Now $167.99, at Wayfair

Lend your home a little extra brightness and style with this semi-flush mount pendant light. (opens in new tab) Inspired by Hollywood glamour and French countryside designs, this fixture features a drum shade crafted from metal with a bronze finish and is accented by carved crystals for an eye-catching look with plenty of glam appeal. 

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Bastion Dining Table (opens in new tab)l Was $520, Now $336.99, at Wayfair

Whether you’re looking for a dining table replacement or are filling out a new space, this trendy table (opens in new tab)is just what you’ve been looking for. Made from solid and engineered wood, it showcases a clean-lined rectangular tabletop with visible wood grain for a rustic look. 

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Elayne Metal 60" Floor Lamp (opens in new tab) l Was $160.04, Now $103.99, at Wayfair

Featuring a turned metal base coated in a silver leaf and bronze finish, this lamp (opens in new tab) lends a sleek touch to your home, while a white polyester empire shade lets a 100W bulb glow through in warm style. 

8. Ellen DeGeneres, ED by Ellen DeGeneres

celebrity home decor trends

(Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)

If you're in the market for a celebrity home decor brand that is both high-quality and aesthetically-appeasing, then look no farther than Ellen DeGeneres's namesake brand: ED by Ellen DeGeneres. (opens in new tab)The line is available at Bed Bath & Beyond (with some additional items found on Amazon) and offers so many bright, bold pieces that also sprinkle warm-hearted messages throughout. 

Shop our favorites

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ED Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Royal Doulton Ed "Blue Love" 8-Inch Plates Mixed (Set of 4) (opens in new tab) l Was $43.99, Now $35.19, at Bed Bath & Beyond

Inspired by her love of artisanal design, the ED Ellen DeGeneres "Blue Love" Dinnerware (opens in new tab) transforms any gathering with a playful, chic style. Within this 4-piece set, shoppers will receive beautifully crafted porcelain plates that will make a charming statement at any dinner party or family gathering. 

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ED Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Royal Doulton Holiday 3-Section Divided Server (opens in new tab) for $50.99, at Bed Bath & Beyond

Ellen brings classic charm to holiday entertaining with this perfect hosting piece (opens in new tab). Designed with creamy white porcelain, this divider will section off food while beautifully accented with Ellen's signature sentiments, and whimsical drawings in red are on full display.

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ED Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Royal Doulton Brushed Glaze 16-Piece Dinnerware Set in Dark Blue (opens in new tab) l Was $159.99, Now $121.59, at Bed Bath & Beyond

This 16-piece dinner set (opens in new tab) features everything cooking with one of the best non-stick frying pan (opens in new tab) needs. From plates to mugs, and yes, even bowls, consider weekly meals and family gatherings handled.

9. Joanna Gaines, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Joanna Gaines celebrity home decor brand at Target

(Image credit: Target)
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7" Faux Hoya Heart Potted Plant (opens in new tab) for $4.99, at Target

Want to leave guests green with envy? Go ahead and show them how foolproof your green thumb (opens in new tab) is — okay, sure, we're kidding here (this plant (opens in new tab)is faux!), but if asking us? You can barely tell the difference; it is that lively! 

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14" x 14" Merry Embroidered Seasonal Throw Pillow Red/Cream - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia (opens in new tab) for $16.99, at Target

This Christmas throw pillow (opens in new tab) keeps things simple, with the word "Merry" embroidered in red against an all-white backdrop. The white fringe around the edges of this pick adds a little extra dimension while still letting the red text stand out on the best mattress. 

(opens in new tab)

14.5" Faux Cedar & Berry Stems Ceramic Arrangement - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia (opens in new tab) for $14.99, at Target

This artificial potted stems arrangement (opens in new tab)makes a great addition to your year-round decor. It features natural-looking faux cedar pines and red berries arranged together to offer a lively vibe to your home decorations and features potted inside a textured ceramic pot for quick and easy display on any flat surface.

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