This toilet paper is in stock! Plus there's a calculator to tell you how much you REALLY need

Going on the hunt for toilet paper? The best buys are below – and you can use this online calculator so that you don't overbuy (and it'll make you laugh, too)

toilet paper
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Someone has actually invented an online toilet paper calculator so that you can check how many rolls your family needs, before heading to the shops – or online ordering – so that you don't buy too many rolls. Clearly, some of us have a tad too much time on our hands at the moment. Then again, there are people out there stockpiling toilet paper, tins, hand soap, cleaning products and pasta on a daily basis.

Anyway, back to the weird toilet roll website. On the bright side, this is a genius way you can help save some for others. And it's quite an eye opener: a family of three can live off a 24 roll pack for a staggering 32 days, believe it or not (best toilet paper deals that are actually in stock, below).

If you're way ahead of us and have already been there and stocked up, you could always use this website to check how long your stock will last for. This way you can prepare for when the dreaded time comes when you need to *responsibly* restock. And if you've got time to prepare, you won't be in the position of having one roll between five people for two days. Life changing stuff, clearly.

Named – we're not sure if this is stupid or genius – this website actually works out to be pretty correct. If you're using it lightheartedly, you'll just need to input the number of rolls you have (or are considering buying) and total toilet visits per day – this is based on one person. For more serious business (or some more fun) click the Advanced Options button. Here you can answer everything you've ever wanted to share on the internet from the average number of wipes you do per trip, the sheets you use per wipe and... well, we'll leave the rest to your imagination.

So, whether you need to buy toilet rolls, you already have loads of stock (alright, don't rub it in) or are simply bored out of your mind, this website is worth a play around with. Or, you can send it to your mates who you know went on a mad panic buying spree earlier on this month.

On a serious note: If you are truly struggling to buy toilet paper, here are some that are still in stock below. May the odds be ever in your favour!

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Waitrose ECOlogical Toilet Tissue | £3.95 at Waitrose
This toilet tissue is made from recycled materials – magazines, packaging, office waste and more. There are nine rolls in this packView Deal

Andrex Natural Pebble Toilet Roll | £4 at Morrisons
FSC-certified, this four pack of Andrex toilet rolls will do one person for 16 days according to InterestingView Deal

essential Waitrose White Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue | £3.90 at Waitrose
Looking for a cheaper option? Waitrose own loo roll is just £3.90 for nine rolls. That's 43 pence per roll. Although, you may have to wait in a queue to shop online.View Deal

Cushelle White Toilet Roll 12 Rolls | £5 at Asda
A bargain for just £5, these toilet rolls are still in stock (not for long, though). View Deal

Andrex Toilet Tissue Gentle Clean 24 Roll | £10.25 at Tesco
Large family? This is a bargain price for 24 rolls – it works out to be just 43p per roll. A family of five will last for 19 days with this amount of loo roll and a family of four 24 days.View Deal