Bust stuck-at-home boredom with these Target game and puzzle deals

Stay entertained during social distancing with these Target game and puzzle deals you won't even need to leave the house for.

uno game
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School has been canceled, parents are working from home, and kids are bored. Even with e-learning during this coronavirus pandemic, children are craving extra entertainment at home and you need a solution -- fast. Enter: Target game and puzzle deals.

Target has a plethora of games and puzzles on sale that will help you and your family self-isolate and still have fun. You can order online to avoid heading to the stores and be playing a new game in a few days.

The best Target game & puzzle deals

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UNO| Was $5.99, now $4,99 at Target (opens in new tab)
Save $1 -
The classic card game UNO helps build math skills in children and can be played with only two players, perfect for self-isolation. UNO requires no reading and takes only a few minutes to learn. You and your child will each get seven cards and discard the cards based on color, number, or a special suit. The person who plays all of their cards first wins! But don’t forget to say “UNO!” when there’s only one card left.

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Soggy Doggy Board Game| Was $9.99, now $6,99 at Target (opens in new tab)
Save $3 -
In the spirit of good hygiene during this pandemic, Soggy Doggy Board Game asks players to move around the board before Soggy the Doggy gets drenched in the tub. While it looks like he’s getting wet, really the dog just starts shaking, so there’s no real mess for parents to clean up. You’ll need two-to-four players for this game. 

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Trouble Disney Frozen Olaf's Ice Adventure Game| Was $13.99, now $9.79 at Target (opens in new tab)
Save $4.20 -
You might remember Trouble from your own childhood, but Disney put a spin on it for the Frozen lover in your family. Trouble Disney Olaf’s Ice Adventure will spare you from having to listen to the Frozen soundtrack but still entertain your child. This game is perfect for two-to-four players. Each player will get a different colored Olaf. While facing obstacles based on the movie, whoever has the last Olaf standing wins the game.

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Twister Scrabble| Was $15.99, now $7.99 at Target (opens in new tab)
Save $8.00 -
Get your kids moving and thinking about words while they’re home from school this month. Twister Scrabble is fun for kids and teens and allows two-to-four players to compete. Players need to make words on the mat, by putting their limbs on letters that spell out a word.

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Mini Cornhole| Was $22.99, now $17.99 at Target (opens in new tab)
Save $5.00 -
The beloved outdoor yard game cornhole can be played inside during these uncertain times if you buy Mini Cornhole. Two-to-four players can toss miniature bean bags at the mini-cornhole board for points. The first to 21 wins. While this game recommends at least two players, individuals can still have fun practicing their aim and throwing from different distances.