Bulk cleaning supplies: is it possible to bulk buy eco-friendly products?

If you need bulk cleaning supplies but are wondering if you can get eco-friendly ones, take a look at these options

bulk cleaning supplies
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Is it possible to buy bulk cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly? For anyone stocking up on cleaning essentials amid the coronavirus outbreak while trying to shop sustainably, this is an important question. 

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Bulk buying online is an effective way to stock up on everyday cleaning products such as laundry detergent, antibacterials sprays, and other detergents. It's especially important to be able to bulk buy these products at the moment: you will minimise trips to shops on the one hand, which helps protect yourself and others, and you can also reduce the environmental impact of multiple orders that mean more pollution on the roads. You could also buy a case of cleaning supplies to share with those who don't have web access to shop online, or those who can't go out.

So, what cleaning products are available for bulk buying and where is best to get them? 

1. Amazon: best for eco-friendly laundry detergent 

To give Amazon credit, they're selling lots of eco-friendly products, and they're selling them in bulk. Their current stock of bulk laundry detergent includes Ecoleaf, Faith in Nature, and even a bulk buy of soap nuts. Most stuff is in stock and will get to you next week. We're impressed.

2. Nisbets: best for washing up liquid

The catering supplier Nisbets has an excellent selection of eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk sizes, and will ship to you even if you're an individual buyer. Currently, they have 48-hour delivery available, which is a relief. They have various eco washing-up liquids in stock, and Ecover will be available next week. 

3. Ethical Superstore: best for all-purpose and outdoors

Need a bulk-sized all-purpose detergent, or perhaps a patio cleaner, but not sure where to get it amid all this madness? Welcome Ethical Superstore – an excellent website selling all kinds of eco-friendly products that currently has a five-litre size Ecoleaf all-purpose cleaner in stock, as well as Algon Organic patio cleaner and natural cleaning agents like baking soda and citric acid. 

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