Instagrammers share easy hack to make your kitchen look more expensive for under $100

It's all in the details

modern kitchen with terrazzo style counter and blackspash, brass edging and a gold tap
(Image credit: @littleedwardian)

Two Instagrammers have revealed an easy hack perfect for bringing a hint of luxe to your kitchen. The pair has simply added subtle metallic accents to their monochromatic kitchen with polished brass bars, and the budget trick seriously elevates the overall feel of the room.

So if you're currently brainstorming some modern kitchen ideas to revamp your space, but don't want to spend tons of money, you can't go far wrong with their hack.

monochrome kitchen with brass accents

(Image credit: @littleedwardian)

Reece and Paul share their various DIY projects from their lovely two-bed terrace in London on their Instagram account, @littleedwardian. The style-savvy pair has worked with metals specialist, metals4U to reveal their top tips.

'When transforming a space, it’s so important to think about all the little details,' Reece and Paul advise. 'Every view matters because we see a space from different angles.'

When taking on a project, it can feel overwhelming. But they make an important point about zooming in on the fine details, and considering where the eye will fall when scanning a room.

Brass accent hack using polished flat bar

kitchen worktop with brass edging and terrazzo surface

(Image credit: @littleedwardian)

Reece and Paul also highlight the importance of thinking about materiality. The fear of bling is real, but don't be afraid of subtle metallic accents as they can go a long way. 

The pair's breakfast bar is, without doubt, the focal point of their kitchen. While the gorgeous terrazzo worktop makes a big statement, they have created contrast by incorporating in the lustrous metallics. 

'In the kitchen, we have lots of brass accents, like our tap and unique light fittings,' adds Reece. 'So it was a no-brainer really to finish off the bar with some brass and tie it all together,' says Reece.

kitchen worktop with metallic edging and black and white terrazzo top

(Image credit: @littleedwardian)

The simple trick of adding metal trims to the unfinished edges has created a really luxe, hotel-like finish, and a 'red thread' which makes the space feel cohesive. Polished flat bars like this one from Metals4U only costs $92, so it can be done very cheaply.

Metal sheets are inexpensive, and there are plenty of options to work with your kitchen color ideas. Brass will bring warm golden shades, while aluminum has a brilliant silver shine.

If a darker metallic is more to your thing, copper could be a great option. Paul McFadyen from Metals4U says to make sure you use the right metal polish for maintenance and upkeep. This will help the material keep its shine for years to come.

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