Brook + Wilde mattress sales: up to 45% off luxury mattresses with our exclusive codes

A luxury mattress with up to 45 per cent off? Yes, with our exclusive Brook + Wilde mattress discount you can save on their Lux, Elite and Ultima mattresses today

Brook + Wilde mattress discount
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You will sleep so much more soundly with our exclusive Brook + Wilde mattress discount. For a limited time, you can get up to 45 per off the mattress of your dreams. With prices starting from £329.55 for a single Lux mattress (once you use your code), you can easily afford to upgrade your bedtime routine.

So how does the deal work? There are three codes to choose from depending on how much you spend – we have listed the codes below with more details of pricing. In short, spend £599 to get 35 per cent off, £899 to get 40 per cent off and £1,799 to save 45 per cent. And it just so happens these are the starting prices of Brook + Wilde's Lux, Elite and Ultima mattresses. Easy! 

And there's good reason to be as excited as us about this discount. We've tested the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress and gave it full marks. In fact, it got our vote for the best mattress for fussy sleepers. 

If you've heard enough then keep scrolling to check out these deals below...

Brook + Wilde mattress discount codes

More about the Brook + Wilde mattress discount

Brook + Wilde | Get up to 45% off with our exclusive code (opens in new tab)
Save 35–45% with our exclusive Brook + Wilde discount codes. Spend £599 and save 35% with code RH35, 40% if you spend £899 with code RH40 and 45% with code RH45 when you spend over £1,799. These are the prices of their Lux, Elite and Ultima mattresses, so it's easy to save on a top-rated brand.

Deal ends: unknown

Need more convincing?

One of the three mattresses we're talking about here with this Brook + Wilde mattress discount is the Elite mattress (opens in new tab) (one of our faves) which retails from £899. It features eight incredible layers of pocket springs, specialist foam, a thermo-regulating layer plus a memory foam protector. It's all breathable, too, so it'll keep even the hottest sleepers feeling cool throughout the night. And if that doesn't seal the deal for you, this mattress is available in a choice of a soft, medium, firm or extra firm feel which is then made to your specifications within three weeks time.

The other mattress on offer with Brook + Wilde is the Lux mattress (opens in new tab) which has six layers of comfort and zoned support for better spinal alignment. It's a unique design  which features cooling memory foam, and innovative ‘wave technology’ for better pressure relief. Also available in a choice of comforts – soft, medium, firm – this mattress can be made to order within seven days so you won't be waiting long.

And then there is the NEW Ultima mattress (opens in new tab) which features an impressive 10 layers of supreme luxury. It has 6,000 nano and pocket springs in twin layers to offer you the best support possible, cushioned with luxurious layers of premium memory foam for the ultimate level of comfort. It's a luxury choice which, like the other mattresses in the range, are made to order in your preference of comfort feel: soft, medium, firm, or extra firm. it'll take up to 12 weeks to make so if you're planning on getting a new mattress then this is plenty of time to get everything else in order – new bed linen (opens in new tab), anyone?

The best mattress for fussy sleepers: Brook and Wilde Elite mattress

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The perfect choice for fussy sleepers


Size: Single–super-king
Depth: 28cm
Type: Mini + normal pocket springs + support base + thermo-regulating foam topper
Comfort grade: Soft, medium and firm available

Reasons to buy

Spinal alignment
Variety of comforts – 8 layers!
Thermo-regulating top layer
Non-slip base
Washable top cover
Good for most sleep positions
Comes in a box – easy transporting

Reasons to avoid

Some may take a few days to adjust to the mattress

How does the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress rate?

Whether you're a side sleeper, front sleeper or back sleeper,  we strongly feel that this is the perfect mattress for you – even if you are a fidget in bed.

The mattress is made to order so you can opt for the a level of comfort which suits your sleep style the best. But if you do order the wrong firmness rating, it should be easy enough to rectify the situation with Brook + Wilde. With it's eight layers of loveliness, it is fairly thick for a memory foam and therefore feels a little more luxurious which is just as ideal for sleeping on as it is for getting up and out of bed in the morning! Our reviewer (a REAL person) tested the medium who says that you get what you are expecting which, in our case of reviewing, was a mattress with a medium tension.

It also arrives in a box so it's easy to get up the stairs. And you also get a premium delivery (two man service) to your room of choice, a 100 Night Comfort Trial, 10-year guarantee, a mattress recycling service, and finally, it's made in the UK. No wonder is scored top marks in our Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review.

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