Bobby Berk gave his childhood home a Queer Eye makeover and it looks fabulous

Take a tour and get some renovation tips from Bobby himself

Bobby Berk's renovation of his childhood home
(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

We are big fans of Queer Eye here at Real Homes, who doesn't love a good wholesome makeover show that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy? Our favourite bit of course has to be the house reveal; the things Bobby Berk can do with white paint and some throw cushions never ceases to amaze us. So when we saw that Bobby had recently renovated his own dated childhood home, we had to have a nosy.

Wondering where to start with your own home renovation project? Keep scrolling to get all the pro tips and tricks you need from Bobby and the company he worked with on the project – – for yourself. 

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What was the inspiration to renovate your parents’ home?

I was inspired to do my parent’s home for years. I grew up in that space and although it was filled with so much love, the actual design of the house hadn't seen any love for over 30 years. Being able to give my parents a home that felt fresh while still retaining all the character of the old farmhouse was so important to me, and selfishly, it was so fun to get back in there and reimagine the space years later in the way that I always wanted it to look. 

Bobby Berk's renovation of his childhood home – the living room

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

What are a few tips & tricks would you offer to those considering a home renovation, where should they start?

Find someone you trust for construction. Double your time, double your budget and double your trust in the ones you hire. It can be a lengthy process, but it is all worth it in the end. I also always tell people to do your research and find more than one quote before you start. You will quickly learn about the process by getting different bids, and hearing different perspectives and opinions.

Bobby Berk's renovation of his childhood home – the dining space

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

Why did you ultimately settle on the light wood and heated flooring products?

The heated floor was a must-have, I really wanted to remove the carpet in that house when we redesigned it, but being in Missouri, it did have cooler months. I had to uphold my end of the promise to my parents to keep the home cozy, and nothing says cozy like a heated floor. It became the perfect solution for the space. The light wood was a no brainer. It created the perfect foundation for the house and complemented our use of dark walls and furniture. The flooring was just the right tone and brought so much warmth to the space. 

Bobby Berk's renovation of his childhood home – the bedroom

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

Tell us more about flooring trends for 2020 and how was able to fulfil your vision.

I don't believe in trends, I believe in purchasing and making design decisions based on what you like. I do think that a beautiful wood oak floor is an evergreen design choice that will always be classic. That being said, the designer in me loved working with because of the options and variety. Selecting the perfect floor was made easy because's process from choosing the perfect option to install. Picking something online isn't always the easiest, but by being able to order samples and try them out in the space, it made our job so much easier and the process could not have been more seamless. 

Bobby Berk's renovation of his childhood home

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

What do you like about the products used and why did you choose the kitchen for placement?

The quality of product was able to provide for my parents' home was the biggest reason we went with them. It certainly helped that they had such a huge variety to choose from, but they also carry brands that I've used and trusted for all of my projects. The kitchen is where my mom spends most of her time, so it was the perfect place to put quality and show-stopping floor in the largest place of the home. 

Bobby Berk's bathroom renovation in his childhood home

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

Why is the right flooring important and what does it add to a space?

Flooring is one of the most important elements in a home. It adds personality, depth and literally grounds you. Floors need to be resistant and uphold the weight and traffic they receive, while still staying beautiful over time, and these floors do just that. You can completely transform your space by swapping out your flooring and these floors are a testament to that.

Bobby Berk's renovation of his childhood home

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

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