A DIY fan shares how she saved hundreds on a Frame TV

See how she turned her boring black box into a piece of art

DIY frame tv on the wall
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Trying to make our best TV fade into the background is a constant battle. We all have one, and we all need one for binge-watching Netflix - but they're certainly not a thing of beauty. 

One creative DIY enthusiast has made her own framed TV using carefully measured wooden trim and free TV art. It does a brilliant job of taking the focus away from the big black box and blends with her living space perfectly.

Mariah has shared exactly how she completed the budget DIY project that saved her hundreds of dollars.

frame tv and tv unit with black and white family photographs

(Image credit: @rustichomestead)

'We see our living room all day, every day,' Mariah tells us. 'It's the common room, and people see it when they first walk into our home.'

Like most of us, she says that she would love a Samsung Frame TV, but didn't want to spend upwards of $1,000. So, she decided to DIY it.

'I went to Lowes, bought some trim pieces, and got to work,' she says. 'For only $20-$25, I now have my own DIY frame TV.' For more ways to make a great first impression, take a look at our hallway ideas roundup.

DIY fan making a frame TV

(Image credit: @rustichomestead)

Mariah began by measuring her TV and cutting trim pieces to fit. She then attached the frame pieces with glue, before attaching a wooden piece to the back that sits around the back of the TV.

This helps it to sit on top of the TV and prevents it from moving around. Mariah also placed an elastic band on each corner to secure the frame to the TV better. 

It was important to secure it carefully to prevent it from getting knocked off, particularly with young children around.

'After I got the frame all put together, I painted it back and added a gold line all the way around for some extra detail,' Mariah tells us. 'The only thing missing was the art! I found an amazing YouTube channel that offered free TV art.

living room with a DIY frame tv, wooden TV unit and family photos

(Image credit: @rustichomestead)
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If you're feeling inspired, head to our list of DIY projects that are great for beginners - and they're budget-friendly. You can also check out Mariah's full tutorial with a how-to video on her Instagram, @rusticrosehomestead.

Is it too early to put the YouTube fire videos on our TVs? 

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