14 Amazon garden buys to improve your outdoor space instantly

These Amazon garden buys can spruce up your garden, balcony or terrace this summer – and for a cheap price

GD Home Lightweight Indoor/Outdoor Reversible Plastic Rug
(Image credit: GD Home)

If you need items for a garden project, then you need to check out these Amazon garden buys. While Amazon is traditionally known for tech over tools, it really is a one-stop-shop for all of your gardening needs. Whether you need something pretty or practical, Amazon stock everything from birdseed to barbecues, forks to furniture. And, chances are you can get whatever you buy delivered in no time at all – great if you have a garden makeover planned for the weekend.

We've handpicked 13 Amazon garden buys from an outdoor mirror to a garden rug, lovely lighting and much more – so that you can spruce up your outdoor space on a budget. It's really not that hard (or expensive) to do so.

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1. Buy some solar lighting to hang from your pergola

Usboo Solar String Lights Garden

Usboo Solar String Lights Garden | £12.99 at Amazon
This solar lighting is 24-foot long so as to cover a large space, whether you plan on hanging it from one end of your garden to another, or draping it over a pergola. One string of these features 30 crystal balls, each with built-in battery lights inside. A cheap way to add light and style to your back garden.

2. Invest in an outdoor mirror to make small gardens appear bigger

Creekwood Wall Mirror

(Image credit: Creekwood Store)
Creekwood Wall Mirror

Creekwood Wall Mirror | £39.99 at Amazon
This wall mirror is a smart addition to a small garden, to make your outdoor space look larger. Oh, and so that you can see your reflection whilst outside. With a timeless design and plastic construction, it can be used indoors or out – your choice.

3. A pressure washer – to give your patio, furniture and the kids' toys a good clean down

Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer | £169.99 £139.99 (save £30) at Amazon
Now on sale with almost £30 off, this is one of the best pressure washers out there. Great for giving your patio, decking, furniture and even BBQ a good clean, it's an easy way to give your garden a new lease of life. Clean this stuff now, before the cold weather arrives, and make this job even easier for yourself come spring.

4. What about some in-ground lighting to make a statement?

Infray Solar Ground Lights

Infray Solar Ground Lights | £29.99 £24.99 (save £5) at Amazon
You can pop these in-ground solar lights anywhere from around flowers or buried around stones. They come in your choice of cold white or warm white, while they are made of stainless steel to last in your garden year after year. Affordable, convenient and they can make a statement with ease.

5. Pick up an outdoor rug to add some cosy to your space

GD Home Lightweight Indoor/Outdoor Reversible Plastic Rug

GD Home Lightweight Indoor/Outdoor Reversible Plastic Rug | £59 at Amazon
Place this outdoor rug underneath your coffee table or in the middle of your furniture, to add some cosiness to your space and to make your floor soft for your bare feet. This rug is made of plastic so it's completely waterproof, while it's super easy to clean and it's reversible. Not just for outdoor use, you could even use it indoors or take it to the beach, too.

6. Some landscape pathway lighting for your front garden

GolWof Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

(Image credit: GolWof)
GolWof Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

GolWof Solar Garden Lights Outdoor | £30.99 at Amazon
Looking to buy some solar lights? Light up your pathway with these super cute lamps, or dot them around your garden so you can see come nighttime. Simply stick them into the ground and the rest is done for you – they turn on and off automatically and they are waterproof as well as anti-corrosive.

7. Water for birds? Easy with this solar-powered fountain

Gocheer Upgraded Solar Fountain

Gocheer Upgraded Solar Fountain | £26.99 £20.99 (save £6) at Amazon
Pop this solar-powered fountain in a pond or birdbath to encourage flying guests. It can hit around 60cm in height on sunny days, or 30cm on cloudy days, while it comes with seven different nozzles so you can choose from a range of water features. Not just great for the birds, but good for the environment and impressive to guests.

8. Invest in some pruning shears for cutting back withered plants

Spear & Jackson for Kew Gardens Razorsharp Cutting set

Spear & Jackson for Kew Gardens Razorsharp Cutting, Set 3K Bypass and Anvil Secateurs Set, Green | £29.99 £19.49 (save £10.50) at Amazon
We own and love this set of secateurs from Spear & Jackson. They are from their Kew Gardens range so have pro written all over them and are perfect for a variety of pruning jobs. The anvil pair is for thicker stems and small branches, while the bypass is perfect for deadheading and tidying delicate plants.

9. Buy a tiered plant stand for space-savvy storage purposes

DOEWORKS 3 Tier Metal Plant Stand

DOEWORKS 3 Tier Metal Plant Stand | £45.49 at Amazon
This three-tier metal plant stand is perfect for your herbs to live, should you need somewhere for them to live that's up high and away from pets. It's also great for smaller gardens, and it could be used for storing more than plants – kids' toys, garden shoes. 

10. Buy an expandable hose! For watering those far away plants...

Pathonor Garden Hose Expandable 50FT

Pathonor Garden Hose Expandable 50FT | £24.99 at Amazon
This very long hose is on sale, and it's leak-proof. Not just that but it offers a whopping nine different modes from mist to cone, jet and shoker. Suitable for 3/4" and 1/2" faucets, it's a bargain. Water that garden with ease.

11. Buy some fake ivy to cover an otherwise boring wall or fence

YQing 84 Ft-12 Pack Artificial Ivy Leaf

YQing 84 Ft-12 Pack Artificial Ivy Leaf | £11.99 £10.99 (save £1) at Amazon
This artificial ivy can be used to hide an otherwise boring or ugly wall, or fence panel, in your garden. It looks real, you needn't take care of it by watering and it's easy to hang – not just that, but it's also very inexpensive.

12. Buy a few solar lanterns and nestle them beside your furniture

Ulmisfee Solar Lantern

(Image credit: Ulmisfeee)
Ulmisfee Solar Lantern

Ulmisfee Solar Lantern | £30.99 £27.99 for a two-pack (save £3) at Amazon
Well, these solar lanterns are surprisingly stylish – and cheap. Pop them on your decking next to your furniture, to light up your outdoor space in the dark, and to add style to your garden. They come in your choice of bronze or black, they are completely waterproof and lightweight, and they'll switch on automatically.

13. This complete seed garden kit

The Little Trees Bees & Seeds Company Store Herb Seeds for Gardening

The Little Trees Bees & Seeds Company Store Herb Seeds for Gardening | £15.99 £13.98 (save £2.01) at Amazon
Fancy starting your own herb garden? This kit makes it easy – and it comes with 15 seed varieties included. In the packet also comes 15 plant markers and a guide. This would also make a lovely gift for someone who is looking to get into gardening.

14. A decorative wooden insect and bee house 

Woodside Wooden Insect & Bee House

Woodside Wooden Insect & Bee House | £14.99 at Amazon
This Amazon garden buy gives back – it's an insect and bee house that needs to be placed outside in your garden to offer them a safe place to stay. It's made from 100 per cent natural materials, while you can either wall mount it or place it on a surface. Cute!

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