Aldi's buffet server is taking us back to Christmas in the '70s... and we want it

Remember the hostess trolley? Aldi's buffet server is a contemporary revamp that sits on a table top or kitchen counter... and it makes catering for crowds a breeze

Aldi buffet
(Image credit: Aldi)

Hosting at Christmas can be fun, but it can be really pressurised, too... so anything that makes it easier has to be a win, right?

Enter Aldi's buffet server (opens in new tab). It's a reinvention of the hostess trolley (even the name makes us shudder...) which, while horribly dated as a household must-have did have its upsides, the main one being that it made cooking for a crowd that much easier. So, you could cook up your veg, keep it warm in the trolley (along with anything else you'd prepped up earlier), and simply serve it up when you were ready. The only downsides? They took up lots of floor space and tended to encourage already overcooked veg to lightly stew for just that bit longer than it needed...

And this is why we like Aldi's take. The Ambiano buffet server sits on a kitchen counter or table top, but can be stashed neatly away in a cupboard/garage/shed/loft when you don't need it. We can't guarantee veg that hasn't been over-stewed, though – that's down to you, cooks. 

The buffet server has two small trays and two large, which are dishwasher safe. Most important? Its temperature control is adjustable, between 40ºC and 75ºC, which means you shouldn't overcook anything you're keep warm – but also that you can warm items in it (think warm croissants on Boxing Day).

And at just £29.99, we think it makes a great Christmas gift for foodies, too.

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