Aldi's BONKERS llama garden decorations are this summer's must-have

The Aldi llama is already selling out on pre-order. We're not sure why we want it so much... but we do. Let's call it lockdown fever

Aldi garden llama
(Image credit: Aldi)

As Aldi puts it: 'Add a little drama llama to your garden'. Maybe it's lockdown/cabin fever, maybe it's the over-excitement at Primark being open again today, MAYBE it's just because we need a little light relief from everything that's going on in the world, but this little fella is rather appealing all of a sudden. And it seems that the nation agrees: Aldi's snooty looking bright pink llama garden decoration is already selling out on pre-order (it goes on sale on 18th June). 

Not sure about the pink? There's a white version on sale, too (see below). And while its designed for the garden, we're pretty sure that lots of you will have been ordering it to put in your living rooms or bedrooms as a fun (but quite big – it's 34cm tall) accessory.

Aldi llama

(Image credit: Aldi)

Part of a range of garden decorations from Aldi (don't tell them, but we're not keen on the others, whereas we LOVE this), the llama is still available online but won't be on sale in store. And, in other good news, Aldi is still adding to its garden range, with a whole load of pretty garden lighting expected in soon, too.

Can't get to an Aldi or keep missing out online? These are our favourite garden finds today, all at the best prices, thanks to our handy widget.

Lucy Searle

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