Aldi is selling a velvet storage ottoman and we want it...

This velvet ottoman from Aldi is affordable and good looking... available in three gorgeous colours, too

aldi velvet storage ottoman
(Image credit: Aldi )

Aldi has just dropped this amazing storage ottoman... It's going to be one of those Aldi buys, here today, gone tomorrow, so don't dally if you want one too. The perfect way to implement some practical luxury into your bedroom space, the ottoman is a timeless piece that comes in three gorgeous shades: pink, grey and teal. We can't decide which we like more!

Made from solid wood and stood on metal legs (and all for just £79.99), it comes with a three year warranty. Find out more below... and don't miss the alternatives we've picked out, just in case you miss your chance to get this one.

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Aldi velvet ottoman storage in teal

(Image credit: Aldi )

We love how versatile the ottoman storage unit is, acting as a spacious storage solution as well as a handy extra seating option. What's more, velvet is a classic when it comes to bedroom furnishing, adding texture, warmth and softness to a space dedicated to comfort and relaxation. 

Aldi storage ottoman

(Image credit: Aldi)

Or, of course you can style an ottoman in your living room or hallway to add a bit of practicality, decluttering luxury to any corner of your home. With a capacity of 170 litres and measuring 44cm x 110cm x 44cm, it's as functional as it is good looking. 

Choose from Kirkton House Pink Velvet Ottoman, £79.99 (opens in new tab), Kirkton House Teal Velvet Ottoman, £79.99 (opens in new tab) and Kirkton House Grey Velvet Ottoman, £79.99 (opens in new tab).

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