Aldi DIY deals on sale now! Just in time for a weekend of mending and decorating

Aldi DIY deals mean you can start ticking things off that 2020 DIY to-do list

screw driver set
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi DIY offers mean that the New Year kicking off and inevitably regenerating that never-ending to-do list isn't all bad news... you can always count on Aldi specialbuys to come swooping in to save the day! 

Whether you're taking to your tool box to fix up your home before putting it on the market or just fancy a personal revamp to wave in 2020, Aldi has got you covered. Thursday 15th January is a big day for those of you who want to do it yourself, but we couldn't help but poke our noses in to tell you about the great deals! C'mon, you know we find sieving through Aldi bargain buys an irresistible task.

We're not talking about a budget toolbox decked out with flimsy pliers and a questionable hammer, nope, don't let the low prices fool you. Aldi promises to go big or go home with everything from a four wheel drive dumper to a handy loft ladder. So no matter how big or small your to-do list – or the tasks on it – they will have a deal for you.

1. Workzone loft ladder, £49.99

loft ladder from Aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

This aluminium ladder is safe and sturdy, offering you a stairway to the wilderness that is your loft. It is made extra safe with a handrail. Easy to stack away with three overlapping sections and a universal stowing pole, this ladder is a storage solution in itself.

Workzone Loft Ladder, £49.99

2. 100 piece screwdriver and bit set, £19.99

screw driver set

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you're on the lookout for some new tools, you've come to the right plae. All stored in a practical holder for maximum organisation, you can stock up on a huge variety of screwdrivers and assorted bits so you're always prepared for whatever DIY job you've got knocking about. 

100 Piece Screwdriver and Bit Set, £19.99

3. Reka rugged 20,100 mAh powerbank, £29.99

Rugged powerbank

(Image credit: Aldi)

Charge your mobile devices for up to four hours and enjoy the perks of this super gadget in more ways than just that! It's waterproof and it has a torch function... that sounds like a winner, eh? Oh, on top of that it features an LED power indicator, a micro USB input and tablet and laptop charging cables. If you're a sucker for the great outdoors and love an adventure (with the security of an accompanying mobile phone), or do a lot of DIY down the bottom of the garden, this is for you.

Reka Rugged 20,100 mAh Powerbank, £29.99

4. Accessory drawers, £8.99

Accessory drawers for DIY

(Image credit: Aldi)

We love finding new storage solutions and these great tool accessory drawers are a fab find. DIY bits and bobs are easy to get lost... is it just us or are you just constantly finding screws and allen keys in random drawers in the house? Keep them all in one place with this storage solution, decked out with eight dividers and a break-resistant material. 

Accessory Drawers, £8.99

5. Scheppach dumper, £999.99

Aldi dumper petrol fuelled

(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi isn't here to play... check out this Scheppach dumper if you need evidence. It can transport up to 300kg of solid material. Wanna haul earth, gravel, stone, rubble, brick or more? This petrol fuelled bad boy has you covered. It's super impressive but that doesn't mean it takes a genius to operate it. We find it incredibly easy to operate with the four (air filled) wheel drive giving maximum traction. Three forward gears and a reverse option? This dumper has it all. Cheaper than constantly hiring small diggers and dumpers, the initial investment will save you money in the long run if you do a lot of building and landscaping.

Scheppach Dumper, £999.99

6. 4 tier shelving unit, £11.99 

4 tier shelving

(Image credit: Aldi)

At the start of the new year it's nice to take a new angle on life. Our angle? Organisation central. Everything is easier when you have a planner, proper storage solutions and handy furniture... Sooooo, thank you Aldi for providing us with this easy-assembly four tier shelf that has a plug in system with no tools required. It even includes a wall mount and is totally rust and mould-free. 

4 Tier Shelving Unit, £11.99

Other items on offer in this image:

Check out the top shelf (picture above) and you'll see the five piece paint brush set on offer at Aldi. Enjoy no-loss bristles and a soft grip handle for a professional painting experience without the price tag.

5 Piece Paint Brush Set, £3.99

The cable reel can be seen on the third shelf down and looking at that bargain price we are sure you'll agree that it can't hurt to get your hands on one. You'll thank yourself when lack of plug sockets nearly gets in the way!

Workzone 5M Cable Reel, £5.99

7. Workzone 25 piece tool set, £14.99

tool bag from Aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

This is the tool kit of dreams, with 25 pieces to equip you for any eventuality. An adjustable wrench, tape measure, two sets of pliers, a spirit level, a bit holder handle, a 10 piece S2 bits, a hammer, 8 hex keys AND a tool bag with 2 dividers. Whew. 

Workzone 25 Piece Tool Set, £14.99

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