Aldi are selling cheap gym equipment! Great home workouts: sorted

Looking for cheap gym equipment? Head to Aldi for loads of bargains to up your workouts

Aldi cheap gym equipment
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Good, cheap gym equipment is at the top of a lot of people's list right now – we have been doing our Joe Wicks workouts with a towel on the floor, and our weights workouts with a bottle of wine in each hand, it's time for an upgrade. Lucky for all of us, Aldi's Special Buys this week is a load of cheap gym equipment!

We are talking, weights, mats, rollers and even a rowing machine. As with all Aldi special buys you are going to have to be quick to get your hands on them and you can pre-order from today as they go on sale 7th June. We have rounded up the top picks that are definitely worth popping in your basket.

For more of the best home gym equipment, head over to our buying guide – or see today's best picks at the best prices, just below. 

1. A cheap rowing machine

Aldi gym equipment

(Image credit: Aldi )

We think this is the star of the Aldi Special Buys this week. This Crane Home Rowing Machine is just £199.99 – one of the most effective gym machines for a full body workout, plus it's relatively compact so won't take up your entire living room and you can fold it down to store it easily. We can see that loads of people are currently pre-ordering this rowing machine so get in there quick. 

Missed out? Shop our pick of the best rowing machines for some great alternatives. 

2. A 6 in 1 multi trainer 

Aldi gym equipment

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A multi trainer is such a fab piece of at home gym equipment because you can get so much from just one kit. This Crane 6 In 1 Multi Trainer is just £24.99 and can work out your arms, abs, back and legs. It comes with an exercise DVD that will show you some effective ways to use it and it also folds down so you can store it really easily. 

3. Some really affordable weights 

Aldi gym equipment

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Something we have realised during lockdown, weights can get expensive! But Aldi are selling some great budget friendly options – you can pick between two 8kg weights, 6k weights or a mix of the two. They are all priced at £17.89 and you can buy them separately at £8.99 each. 

If you are after more of the best dumbells we have a buying guide for you to browse. 

4. And some very stylish gym accessories 

Aldi gym equipment

(Image credit: Aldi )

Aldi have loads of cheap gym accessories too. They have some very cute exercise mats in very aesthetically pleasing colours (our fave is the lovely pale coral). There are also some foam rollers too, which are great for a post workout massage to relive your muscles. 

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