A hole in the garden, under floorboards... and other strange places Brits hide Christmas presents

Hiding Christmas presents is a big part of keeping the magic of the day alive, but the lengths some of us will go to are hard to believe

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New research undertaken by the team at window furnishing company Thomas Sanderson suggests that 91 per cent of 2,648 British respondents have hidden Christmas presents from their children, with 59 per cent admitting hiding gifts from partners and 48 per cent from their family, too.

While this may not be surprising, particularly given that hiding gifts is arguably what keeps the magic of Christmas alive, what we found most interesting was where those people asked chose to hide their gifts...

Topping the list of most popular hiding places for Christmas gifts were: 

  • under the bed (22 per cent);
  • in the wardrobe (19 per cent);
  • in the garage (15 per cent);
  • in the attic/basement (11 per cent);
  • and in the airing cupboard (10 per cent).

However, we were also amused to discover some of the more obscure hiding places for Christmas gifts. Some of our favourites included:

  • in the freezer;
  • in a waterproof bag placed in a hole in the garden;
  • under the floorboards;
  • and in a space rented specifically for hiding Christmas gifts.

When asked if their hidden Christmas presents had been found by the intended recipient, 29 per cent admitted they had, that's despite 13 per cent of respondents admitting to wrapping decoy gifts in a bid to throw their recipient off the scent. 

That said, it's difficult to have sympathy with some: 18 per cent of those asked suggested that they themselves had searched for presents that had been hidden from them. 

Where have you hidden yours?

Emily Shaw

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