A bidet attachment: For when you're sick of worrying about where to buy toilet paper

Buy a bidet attachment and never worry about where to buy TP again.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a messy situation: a toilet paper shortage. Americans are rushing to the stores to buy toilet paper in fear of being quarantined for weeks and running out. If you don't feel like throwing elbows to get your hands on your next pack of Charmin, we've got a better idea. Retrofit your toilet with a bidet attachment.

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you know a bidet is a bathroom staple in Europe. And luckily, Amazon has a few bidet attachments that can be added to your existing toilet to help get you through this shortage. 

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Peiqi Bathroom Bidet Attachment  | Now $108.71 on Amazon
Peiqi has a mechanical attachment that hooks underneath your existing toilet seat and puts the nozzles for your control to the side. The nozzles allow the user to adjust the water pressure and even use the “dual wash feature,” which washes the front and the rear. Peiqi’s model even has a self-cleaning feature. View Deal

Konren Home Bidet Attachment | Now $19.99 on Amazon
A more affordable bidet option is the Konren Home Bidet Attachment. The model has a retractable nozzle and allows users to control the size of the water pressure. This model has two side-by-side jets to help provide a fresh clean. Konren promises you can install this in 15 minutes and without a plumber. Buy this on Amazon for $19.99.  View Deal

Oasis by Bio Bidet Bidet Smart Toilet Seat  | Now $427.72 on Amazon
For a more luxurious bidet experience, the Oasis by Bio Bidet Bidet Smart Toilet Seat is a great buy. Oasis’s model also has a self-cleaning function and is adjustable fit to almost any toilet. It also has a wireless remote, an in-bowl LED night light, and a heated seat. View Deal