5 Marie Kondo-approved ways to add personality to your home

Because Marie Kondo's hacks aren't all about super tiny drawers and labeled kitchen cupboards...

5 Marie Kondo approved ways to add personality to your home
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Confession: we regularly head over to Marie Kondo's Instagram to basically just gawp at all the gorgeous, insanely tidy homes. And while often we go there to be inspired to be more tidy people, we have recently been spotting some really lovely ideas that aren't all about rolling clothes and getting out the label maker. We've seen some very cute Marie Kondo tips for maxing the personality in your homes while still keeping them neat and minimal. So we thought we would share with you our favourite finds...

1. Put your kid's artwork in unexpected places

Okay, as much as we love when kids bring home pictures of the dog, and the garden, and an artistic depiction of that time mummy had too much 'special grown up drink' (and ending up sleeping with the said dog in the said garden). BUT they just don't scream KonMari do they? So Marie Kondo suggest either put them all up in one section of your home and enjoying them for as long as they spark joy, or pop them up in unexpected *cough hidden* places like inside a regularly used kitchen cupboard. That way you still get to see them regularly, but they won't clutter a room. 

2. Combine your treasures 

Nawww this is such a sweet idea! Sometimes when making a cull and organising your home it's easier to take all emotion out of it, but then there's the risk that you are left with a home free of sentimental objects. So don't be so harsh! Keep the sentimental stuff, just think of clever ways to condense them down – scrapbooks, photo albums or this really cute idea we found on Marie Kondo's Instagram, decoupage your sentimental objects and furniture with postcards and photos. 

3. Knicks knacks still have a place!

If that wooden turtle you bought in a Greek market after one too many ouzos sparks joy, then you keep it and display it with pride! Just have a plan with your displays. This is a nice idea – keep one ornament central and then work out from there, using symmetry to create a display that's not going to look too messy or cluttered.

4. Wall shelves = organised displays 

No one could say this kitchen lacks personality, but it's also incredibly organised too, with everything having its place on the open shelves. Kitchen shelves are such an easy place to create lovely features while still keeping it all very Kondo approved. Mix different jars and containers (vintage ones work best) add in herbs for texture and colour, and if you have the room you could even add some framed prints. 

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5. Create colourful walls with your most loved books 

We've said it before and we will say it again, if you've got books you've got decoration. Books can be one of those tricky things that sometimes you can't justify keeping, but if you love your books don't feel like you have to get rid of them all. Marie Kondo suggests just sorting them instead – put them into categories or colour code them and make them a display in your home rather than letting them gather dust in a box in the loft.

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