5 Instagram 'micro trends' that are perfect for a quick home refresh

These micro trends on Instagram prove that you don't have to redesign your whole house – or even a whole room – to give your home decor a nice update

top mini trends
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There's an explosion of micro trends on Instagram at the moment; there are so many, that we're not sure which one to try out first. Micro trends allow you to make small but impactful changes to your home decor that don't take much time to achieve and are not hugely expensive. Recent research* reveals the top 5 most popular ones rocking Instagram right now  – we'll definitely be trying out at least a couple. 

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1. Lineart

Lineart tops the list of the most popular Instagram micro trends by quite some margin, with an astonishing six million tags. We can totally see why: line art is a fascinating skill and it looks amazing as part of monochrome room decor. 

Here, resinart.fatima combines elegant line art with gorgeous metallix frames for a striking display. 

2. House plants

The explosion in popularity of this micro trend (over five million tags in Intagram) will surprise no one: house plants have been many people's lifeline during lockdown, helping so many of us transform our homes into indoor gardens. Add just one house plant to your desk and feel better, or go all-out with dozens of them, like The Potted Jungle.

3. Polka dots

Search for polkadots on Instagram, and you'll soon feel dizzy: there are polka dot bathrooms and polka dot skirts, polka dot dog beds and polka dot vases. Polka dots are fun and joyful, and they can be stencilled or applied as sticker onto just about any surface in the home, making them an easy decor update. And, as Instagramer Laura's house proves, they can actually look quite classy as part of a neutral decorating scheme. 

4. Diffusers

Let's face it: we're all a bit starved of sensorial pleasures by now, so it's hardly surprising that diffusers have risen in popularity recently. Whether it's fragranced reed diffusers or essential oil diffusers, filling our rooms with beautiful scent is taking the edge off this never-ending Covid winter. And there are so many different types to choose from – we've never seen a diffuser quite like the one featured by Sydney Newsam

5. Dried flowers

Dried flowers make for a gorgeous semi-permanent display in any room; if preserved correctly, they will last ages and add a pretty, vintage vibe to an interior. Dried hydrangeas are an especially popular flower, and you can see why just by looking at this beautiful post by Chrissie Haim – so lovely and frothy, and just perfect for the room. 

*mini trend stats courtesy of HouseholdQuotes.co.uk

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