5 hangover cures you might need tomorrow

These hangover cures really do work – and don't require a trip to the pharmacy

hangover cures
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If you're looking for hangover cures, you most likely know how rough a hangover can feel. Headache, nausea, indigestion, and fatigue are the most common symptoms of a hangover, and they can be quite severe, depending on how much you've had to drink, and how your body processes alcohol. 

We won't bore you by saying that the best cure for hangovers is giving up alcohol altogether (although it's true). Instead, read on to find out which cures actually work, and why. 

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1. 'Hair of the dog': does it work?

Does the 'hair of the dog' method work as a hangover cure? Yes, there is some evidence that drinking alcohol the morning after really does help cure a hangover. This may be because having another drink helps speed up the body's process of getting rid of the methanol in your system, before it turns into formaldehyde, which is what causes many of the unpleasant hangover symptoms. 

Having said that, this method is not advised. Ride out the hangover, drink plenty of water and don't add insult to injury.

2. Coffee

Yes, a morning cup of coffee will help a hangover. It boosts your metabolism and increases your heart rate, which will help combat both hangover fatigue and that awful feeling of still having alcohol in your system. There's even some scientific evidence that drinking coffee the morning after drinking alcohol repairs some of the damage to your liver. 

Just bear in mind that coffee can be hard on the stomach, so if you've already got an upset stomach because of your hangover, maybe try a very strong tea instead. 

3. Miso soup

One of the things that happen when you've had too much to drink is the chemical balance in your body goes out of whack: you're dehydrated, you're low on essential minerals, and your metabolism has been disrupted. 

A miso soup is like nature's rehydration sachet: it will quickly restore salt levels, and it's a probiotic, so it'll help settle your stomach. Enjoy hot. 

4. Ginger

The effectiveness of fresh ginger in combating hangover symptoms has been proven by a study, and, freshly grated into a hot (non-alcoholic) drink with sugar, it'll boost your energy levels as well. Try squeezing a tangerine (also proved to be effective) into the drink too for added effectiveness and flavour.

5. A good breakfast

Eating a nice, big breakfast while suffering from a hangover will attack it on multiple fronts: by restoring depleted minerals, by re-lining your stomach (alcohol is tough on stomach lining), and by giving you much-needed energy. This is not necessarily the time for overly healthy stuff, either: indulge in a fry-up, if you must, just make sure you feel full afterwards. 

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